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Pokémon has a long history of containing jokes or Pokemon gadgets. Essentially, new additions to Pokédex that are not intended to be taken seriously as a combat companion, but are destined to be beautiful, fun or simply show some new functionality. In the case of Ditto, in Gen 1 when he debuted, he was one of the two Pokémon (the other suspiciously was mew) that he could use the Transform movement. If you are here, you are probably asking you How to get the same in Pokémon Bright Diamond and Pokémon Pearl Grazing. Here is what you need to know.

How to get the same in Pokémon Bright Diamond and Pokémon Flutter Pearl

Ditto is a very strange Pokémon. During most of the life of the Pokémon throughout the generations, it has been regulated in a state of joke and trick, as in Gen 1. However, the addition of Hidden Ability impostor turned Ditto in, well, still A species of device, but that can at least run and I know powerful enough in the right hands. Impostor allows Ditto to become as soon as he enters into battle. and also copy any statistics improvement. It is very practical!

How to Get Manaphy, Mystery Gift Function, & Phione in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Ditto is also loved by all the Pokémon, which makes it a popular reproduction partner, since it can be mate led with any Pokémon that can mate and any gender. This soft spot is an excellent way to pass IV positive if you can find one with a good statistics run.

Anyway, if you are looking to find Ditto in Bright Diamond Pokémon and Pokémon Pearl Grazing, it goes to 218. Ditto is usually one of the most rare and difficult Pokemon from catching in the game, so you should look for one before. Find one, but eventually one will happen, this is not ultra rare.

That’s all you need to know for How to get ditto in Bright diamond Pokémon and pearl Pokémon gleaming. To get more frequently asked questions and other tips, tricks and guides, visit our Wiki by Pokémon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond Guide.

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