New Pokémon Snap, releNintendo Wiied lNintendo Wiit year for Nintendo Switch, is the direct sequel to the original work that came to Nintendo 64 back in 1999. More than 20 years Between both years ago, so many Nintendo Wii followers From the saga they were calling for a new game to The Pokémon Company. Now, in full 2022, we have been able to know that the interest wNintendo Wii reciprocal; The company took a long time with a new planned delivery, to the point that they valued the possibility of carrying it out both in Game cube, and in Nintendo Wii.

In an interview published in Fujitsu magazine and translated by Nintendo Everything, the President of the company Tsunekazu Sahara, in the company of the title director Kabuki Suzuki, hNintendo Wiimented that the development of a new game of the Saga hNintendo Wii been, for years, a constant essay and error, until finally found a concept capable of adapting to Nintendo Switch. Specifically, in the next generation after Nintendo already had it in mind: With the launch of each new generation of consoles such Nintendo Wii Gamete and Nintendo Wii, we argued about making a sequel, he explains.

New Pokémon Snap, the new delivery of the saga

The sequel to Nintendo 64 came to Nintendo Switch lNintendo Wiit April’s month. In our analysis ( 7.8 on 10 ) we highlighted the number of content it offers, the artistic facet of the title and the feeling of progress and that there is always something new to discover. Our conclusions were Nintendo Wii follows: New Pokémon Snap Cleanlier the demands of fans, leave the idea of ​​ short video game and is presented with a region of lenses full of content; Both in Pokémon and on routes. Its mechanical depth is limited, progresses very little about Nintendo 64, although it compensates that lack of playable ambition with an audiovisual lag where everything you see around you is alive and is reactive.

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New Pokemon Snap Review

New Pokémon Snap is available in Nintendo Switch. Take the most of the game with our complete guide, where you will find the location and the best tips to take the best photograph of the legendary Pokémon.