At WhatsApp is currently more pronounced fraudsters. The Beta portal reports of blackmail — and the LKA Bavaria warns of false friends.

Germany — Fraud about WhatsApp is not new. Since more people communicate with the online, the situation in the Corona pandemic but has again tightened. Currently, experts will warn against supposedly harmless inquiries from friends. Partly WhatsApp users will even blackmail, white Bavaria warns.

WhatsApp: Wrong friends do sacrifice friendly compliments

As the Beta portal Wabetainfo reports now, alleged friend requests are currently in question at WhatsApp. Scammers would send messages to their victims like: Sorry, who are you? I found you in my address book.

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As a result, the criminals with friendly questions and compliments try to win the trust of their victims. For example, asked for the name or address. Finally, the new friends then ask you to add them to Facebook or Instagram as contacts (Digital News on Bavaria warns ).

WhatsApp: New fraud mesh is a bang-hard extortion

Your destination: You try to get as many personal data as possible — especially photos — with which you can press your victims later. In fact, this was a fraud for bang-hard extortion.

The criminals later give Wabetainfo to own confidential or embarrassing photos and finally demand money from the affected WhatsApp users. If you pay once, then will always be asked for money, warns the portal (more warnings on Bavaria warns ).

WhatsApp rip-off: perpetrators give out as a friend or relative

How many such cases there were in Germany, the portal does not write. However, the Landeskriminalamt Bavaria warned in December already before similar false friends. As the REDActions network Germany and Wild reported, the police were all in the three-digit area at the police Bavaria.

Especially perfidious: In this mesh, the hackers even take over the accounts of their victims — with a code trick, before the LKA Lower Saxony warned in the summer. Then the cybercriminals in the name of the victims write their contacts, such as friends or relatives, and ask them for money.

WhatsApp scam: Caution when friends suddenly ask for money

Mostly it was a sum of around 1000 euros, which was transferred to the perpetrators from good faith sacrifices. Therefore, WhatsApp users should not only take care of false friends.

Even those who are asked for money from a real good friend via WhatsApp, should stop. It is quite possible that the WhatsApp account of the friend was cracked. Bavaria warns is part of the editorial network

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