Vanessa Hind was aggressive. A penalty of the experienced biathlete brought the German women’s season at the World Cup home game on Friday in Upholding around the possible first podium square of the Olympia winter. The quartet with Vanessa Vogt, Hind, Franziska Hildebrand and Denise Herrmann had to settle for fourth before the games in Beijing. After a penalty and a total of five powers, the residue was on the sovereign winner France 1: 26.6 minutes. Two more than 4×6 kilometers secured Sweden in front of Russia.

I tremble, I do not get the weapon quiet for a second.

Vanessa Hind

It was only a fight from the first shot. I’m shaking, I do not get the weapon quiet for a second, said Hind and had to admit, I’m glad I did not shoot five mistakes. I’m sorry for the Series.

Vogt starts error-free


Starter Vogt started perfectly and met all her ten shots. This is why the 24-year-olds from Thuringia deserve their place in the Olympia season. Vogt completes your first complete season in the World Cup and shows the weapon enormously strong, so you can often catch weaknesses in running. With just 18 seconds behind on Gold Favorite Norway, she handed over to Hind.

The three-time world champion made a great first shooting hopes for a top result before she had to go to the penalty. Standing also three latter did not reach and the Bayer, who continues to get going, fell back to 16th place in the meantime. I can not explain it, said Hind, who sent Hildebrand as 15th on the track.

Herrmann risks everything

Without shooting mistakes, the 35-year-old brought the season further forward and may hope for a consideration for Beijing. Although the ex-world champion from Saxony-Anhalt has not met the standard, nomination would still be possible.

Concentrator Herrmann went back with more than one and a half minutes of residue as a ninth in the trail and risked everything on the shooting range. Despite two recovered, her helped a force at the final round that only 14.4 seconds were missing to the podium.

Prussian continues to provide worries

Worry continues to prepare the health status of Franziska Prussian, which would have been set as a final runner under normal circumstances. For Germany’s best ski hunter is currently not to think of competitions, said women’s national coach Kristian Meh ringer. We hope that the next days uphill you can get in training, said Meh ringer.

Prussian had injured himself in December at a staircase on the ankle joint and later began a corona infection. The total World Cup third of the preseason was already missing in Oberon and Upholding. Next week, the last World Cup is at the Olympia in Italian Anthony. Participation of Prussia is considered unlikely. Franz is not so optimal yet. She has problems after the Corona infection and is not in training. That’s a pity, Meh ringer said.

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