This is a scoop for anyone, when you have to run Open Worlds, the Nintendo Switch pulls the language. This is the case since his arrival on the market with Zelda Breath of the Wild, and it seems to be the case again with the next Pokémon Areas legends. First episode of the saga to offer semi-open worlds, this captions Pokémon Areas will also adapt its gameplay to this new experience. The player will thus travel the world of His looking for creatures to capture, without any interruption and all in real time. What denounces the fans of the first hour, but also seduce another audience, perhaps allergic to fighting in turn. We can also browse villages, meet people, realize many ancillary activities and of course tame the freshly captured critters. Let’s hope that the DA and the Cel-Shadé side masks technical misery, the Open World already appearing as empty and without life… The release of Pokémon Areas legends is expected for January 28 on Nintendo Switch.