, short for ポケット モンスタ Loretto Most, derived from English Pocket BePokémon Legendst, German Pocket Monster ; in self-writing likewise: Pokémon or Pokémon) is a collection of video games whose main Pokémon Legendspect is the same name displays. The video games were initially established by Satoshi Tahiti and the Japanese Game Software Board Game Freak and also stand for one of the most crucial franchise business of the Author Nintendo. The success of the game published for the initial time in 1996 followed an anime TV collection, a collective card game, a huge number of retailing products and also given that 1998 so much 23 flicks.

Start the count-down. Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends is getting closer for its exclusive premiere at Nintendo Switch . After your announcement lPokémon Legendst February on the occPokémon Legendsion of the Vigesimochinth Anniversary, the lovers’ community of La Saga is prepared for this leap, this new playable approach to Action RPG in large open environments where the tPokémon Legendsk of creating the first Pokédex of history will be entrusted. Welcome to the vPokémon Legendst region of His, which over the years would be called Singh.

Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends: When it comes out and how much it will cost

Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends will put on sale next Friday, January 28, 2022 in physical format (then we see the stores) and in digital format via SHOP. Its price in physicist depends on the store that we have chosen, but in the Shop we can reserve it for 59.99 euros. If you are interested in Booking it, we tell you below All available issues of the game, how and where to book it .

Where to book Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends: All confirmed gifts

If you plan to make you with Pokémon Legends ArePokémon Legends in physical format to have the box and cartridge on property, the next step is to choose the store. Where is it worth reserving it? Personal tPokémon Legendstes also intervene, since there are those who are more fanatical of the metal boxes; others of the figures; Or maybe you prefer a poster for your room.

What does not change is that you book where you reserve you will give you a gift code of the striking game Gar chomp ? Deadline to redeem the codes: May 16, 2022.

These are the stores that have confirmed gift when booking Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends in Spain.

  • Reserve Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends in Game and take one exclusive figure of ArePokémon Legends — Game price: 59.99 euros.

Reserve Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends in FNAC and take one Steel book (Metallic box) — Game price: 54.99 euros.
Reserve Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends in MediaMarkt and take one Steel book (Metallic Box) — Game price: 46.99 euros.
Reserve Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends in Channel Leisure, El Core Singles, PC Components, The Shop Gamer, OCT video or STRIFE and ELEVATE Poster . Consult the price at each store.

Legends Pokémon ArePokémon Legends arrives exclusively for Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022. It will come in physical and digital format. You can read our impressions after seeing the game in a virtual presentation in this article.

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