After expecting patiently since its delay, the next title published by Return Digital, Shadow Warrior 3, finally has an official launch date. The next March 1 , we can go to the savage and bloody world of this delivery, with a pre-sale offer perfect for all the firsts to the world of Shadow Warrior.

You will receive an aspect for your Katina if you reserve the game The confirmation of the date was courtesy of the PlayStation and Xbox digital stores, themselves that reveals information about some rewards when booking the game. According to official descriptions, the Pre-sale Bundle will give you Shadow Warrior 1, Shadow Warrior 2, and a limited edition look for your Katina in Shadow Warrior 3.


It is worth mentioning, that Steam did not reveal the same information present in Sony and Microsoft stores, so we still can not rule out the possibility that the title reaches PC on a different day, or that it will not offer The same pre-sale rewards.

For those who do not know the title, Shadow Warrior 3 is an FPS that puts us in the shoes of Wang , who has the mission of facing a dragon that he liberated from his prison. To achieve this, we will visit several locations around the world, and we will be accompanied by Gore, surrealist weapons, and a lot of action.

In addition to many weapons , Shadow Warrior 3 will present many varied enemies, and we will have to sacking them (literally), if we want to advance through history, which will last approximately 8 hours, according to the words of return digital.