Digital services like WhatsApp regularly renew their functions. Also in January 2022 a new one is added.

Dortmund — The year 2022 is only a few days old, already the free messenger WhatsApp has published an update, but not yet for all users. Most recently, the competitor Telegram WhatsApp has overtaken with many new features. Does WhatsApp pull now?

WhatsApp gets new function in January 2022

Telegram introduced the spoiler function that allows it to fold messages in the chat. This is especially useful for serial fans who want to replace the latest episode, although may not all chat participants are up-to-date.

However, it has already been suggested that this feature will never give this feature at WhatsApp. The Messenger could still be more popular in the future: because a WhatsApp alternative to the photo will be shipped this year. Also, the first WhatsApp update 2022 has to do with photos, as the magazine Wabetainfo reports.


New feature at WhatsApp has a big hook

Because users will therefore also display the profile picture of the respective chat partner with the new update for system notifications. This is the small preview on the locked mobile phone screen. So you can assign even faster, which person is currently writing.

The innovation applies to both single chats and groups. Especially with the latter, the function can be particularly useful. But there is a hook (read more news about digital at Telegram WhatsApp).

So far, the function is only available in the so-called iOS beta version of WhatsApp. Here some users can test the new feature in advance. It should be available in a few days for all beta users. Initially, it can then come to errors: Maybe the new feature may not work immediately, or the pictures are not displayed correctly. When the innovation comes to the regular WhatsApp app, is so far unclear.

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