Global Interactive Entertainment Photo (Photo) announced on the 20th that it holds a ‘2022 primary online quiz show’ in the open-world action RPG ‘primary’ developed by its own.

This online quiz show is a non-surfactant participating event that has been enhanced by 100 users and viewers who have won the participants who participated in the preliminary simulation of the last 10 days. This quiz show event is broadcasted through the African TV and Twitch at 7 pm on Saturday, 22nd on Saturday.

Especially, Sung woo Kim Shin-woo, who played the main character of the ‘Winning’, is specialized in special appearance, Lee Bother, Poona Young, Nam do Hyung, Lee Bother, and this situation is specialized,

The quiz show plans to present a set of 3 million won and a set of 3 million won and a set of trading figures and pay a set of 12 teams, participant power, lottery event winner, welcome kit, gemstone and chicken coupon.

It also provides a rich gift, such as a live broadcasting event, a Google Gift Card, and a gemstone, for a gamer that could not be involved.

‘Winning’ is a game of open-world RPG, which can be enjoyed on a variety of platforms, including mobile, PC, console, and has become a regular content update and user-friendly event, and it has become a steady basis.

For more information on ‘Winning’ and Online Quiz Show, you can check through the official café.