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Nintendo President speaks of the Next Gen console

People wonder if there will be a Nintendo Switch Pro version. And it seems that Shuntaro Furukawa, director and representative president of Nintendo, said some things about the current Nintendo Switch consoles and what will happen. This has come after a session of questions and answers with the direction.

“We are not able to comment on the next game system for the moment. It is now the fifth year since the launch of Nintendo Switch, and the total sale of equipment has exceeded 90 million units. We recognize that the system is mid-term of its life cycle. The launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED model also contributed to the pursuit of sales dynamics and we now offer consumers three models of Nintendo Switch adapted to their play styles and lifestyle, as well as a wide range of Software. With this, we believe that a base of growth has been asked that goes beyond what we previously considered as a conventional hardware life cycle. As for the next game system, we are considering many different things, but with regard to the concept and the launch schedule, we can not share anything for the moment._ “

So, in short, the Nintendo Switch is currently in the middle of his way of life, and it may be until 2027, because the Nintendo Switch came out in 2017. In addition, there are still flea shortages to take In account, who affected Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox Series X. And although management is well aware of the problem, the focus has been more on software promotion than on equipment sales. Not to say that it has been forgotten, because Ko Shiota, director, senior executive added that the equipment development department is “anticipated to take such measures.
The evaluation of alternative components and the examination of our conceptions.

Nintendo Switch NEXT GEN Console NEW Direction?! (Update 2021 Story Read Pinned Comment)

In short, although there may be changes in the future for the switch, revisions and others, it seems that the new generation console will not happen if early. At least, not in 2022.

Neo Fly, Expert Recruitment “Incentive”

[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] A specialized subsidiary (representative Oan) of Neoweds Holdings (Representative Osumi) is a specialist, which is a specialist, such as development staff, service planning, operation, marketing, and marketing.

How to Create Incentive Programs that Drive Profits for Staff and Owners
The recruitment field is a development stitch ▲ backend ▲ front end ▲ IOS development, etc. The support period is from February 21 to March 20th. The acception may find and support the ‘block chain’ tab in the recruitment announcement after connection of NeoWizu recruitment homepage.

In both development and non-emphasized units, we will not limit the incentive to the incentive according to their ability and performance. The 5-star hotel suite 3 nights and 4-star hotels are available in the Welcome Bonus. When you join Milestone after joining, you will be able to pay additional incentive resources separately.

The adoption proceeds for the open platform ‘Neopin’ service extension and mobile app, and the like. The key vision of Neogin is ‘connection’ and ‘extension’.

Virtual asset wallet service starts with GameFi (GAME + FINANCE) in the first quarter, launching a Clayton network based P2E (Play to EARN) “and opened ‘S2E (Service to EARN) and’ NFT Services’ It is aiming. In the 3rd and 4Q, we plan to collaborate with a variety of content companies to expand to a win-win platform and hand grab with global companies.

Established in 2007, Neo Phara has started operating a block chain since last 2017. The Global Public Block Chair, which is developed by ‘Ground X’, which is a challenge of Kakao’s block chain, has been investing in the Global Public block chain, and is also active as a governance committee member.

Since 2019, we launched a virtual asset wallet service Enblocks and released an open platform Neopin, a block chain, which has a virtual asset wallet, P2e, S2e, and NFT. A list of “Neogin tokens (NPT)”, which will be used as a basic currency of a variety of block systems, is also preparing.

The representative of Neokhon-heon is “actively looking for a new challenge, even if it is a new challenge, even if it is active in a block chain industry or has a block chain, The total mobilization will be on the core workforce.

The Wii U and 3DS ESHOPS will close next year

Nintendo has announced the end of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS ESHOs: It will occur at the end of March 2023, moments after which it will not be possible to buy games in the digital stores of those consoles.

“Free content can not be downloaded, including trial versions. In addition, according to the date, the functionality of certain related services will cease, “is read on the company’s website; They refer to, for example, prepaid cards, which will stop working on those EShops since August 29 of this year.

What you already have bought is still accessible, yes. When the closure is made, it will remain possible to “download downloadable games and content, receive program updates and enjoy online games on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles».

My thoughts on the Nintendo WiiU/3DS eShop closures... | MVG
To remember the years of those two consoles, Nintendo has launched a web in which you summarize your most played games, with statistics of dedicated genres and hours. Leave me that you are sincere: I did not remember having played Tanto to The Binding of Isaac in 3DS.

As when the same happened with the Wii store, the danger here is in what is going to be lost: the only digital games, accessible only through the Eshop, which will disappear when the stores are closed. The truth is that there are not so many: especially in the case of Wii U, the activity was sufficiently limited so that not many people dared to launch only digital games for a console that sold much less than expected, and in cases like Nes remix there are physical editions. Yes there is one, however, as Dr. Luigi who will go with the store that saw him born.

Pre-order SPLATOON 3: Now the multiplayer

After the first two successful parts, Splatoon 3 appears in the summer of 2022 the next offshoot of the multiplayer shooter series for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to have the game on time for the release, you can pre-order it at Amazon, Mediamarkt, Saturn and Otto. There is currently no pre-order bonus.

Pre-order now:

  • Buy Splatoon 3 at Amazon
  • Splatoon 3 buy at Mediamarkt
  • Buy Splatoon 3 at Saturn
  • Splatoon 3 buy at OTTO

That awaits you with Splatoon 3

Again, it is important to show the others who is unbeatable. In addition, a comprehensive character editor awaits you, new weapons, a new location called Splatlands, a story mode, an online mode and a coop mode. The latter is called Salmon Run and is in principle a Horde mode in which always new opponent waves meet you.

Splatoon as a manga buy

Anyone who wants to distribute the time to the release of Splatoon 3 can discover more in the Splatoon universe than the games. There is a manga series that crashes to the adventures of the inclong. Each band costs 6.99 euros. It gives you both in German and English.

¡Regresan los salmónidos! – Splatoon 3 (Nintendo Switch)

  • Splatoon manga band 1

  • Splatoon Manga Volume 2
  • Splatoon Manga Volume 3

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Splatoon supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

How to solve a mystery “mirror of travel light” to south

The proposal of the “Gate of Three Worlds” is a 40-day event that begins with from February 17, 2022 to March 30, 2022 . In this time-limited version of Enkanomiya, hidden in darkness, you can solve many new puzzles, unique for the offer Three Realms Gateway.

New Puzzle Mechanics is a Guiding Light Mirror puzzle, which includes the direction of the beam of light from one mechanism to another using Cryo and Hydro Mirrors. You will find one such puzzle in the south-east of the western part of the proposal of the three kingdoms, where bottlenecks are usually located.

Step into the area circled in the image above to find a riddle. You need to bring a character that can apply Cryo . Reaching there, you will find two hydraulic cells and a glowing mechanism. If you have already started messing down with a puzzle, refer to the image below for the visual guide that the final arrangement should look.

If you start from scratch, follow these steps to solve the puzzle. They can be made in any order.

Step One: Turn the mirror # 1 once.
Pitch second: Apply Cryo to Mirror No. 2.

Jennifer, Alan, Amanda, Ben, Hope

After performing the steps described above, use Bokuso Box. Next to the luminous mechanism To encourage him to shoot a ray of light. Mirrors will guide it to a floating stone, completing the riddle. You will be rewarded Exquisite Chest For your efforts.

If this puzzle seemed to you too simple, read our leads to the location of the All Guiding Light Puzzles in Three Realms Gateway Offering – Genshin Impact to find similar puzzles and solve them yourself!

WhatsApp: Forward pictures can even be punishable for recipients

Billion people use WhatsApp every day. Shorting forbidden content threatens penalty.

Dortmund – WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication services. Alone in October 2020, according to TechCrunch, about 100 billion news were sent worldwide daily. However, consumers should be careful what they send and forward. Because with some contents they are punishable, as Billion * reports.

Forwarding pictures at WhatsApp: Why the benefit of the app can be dangerous

Alone 58 million Germans should use the app according to Messengepeople daily. It was developed for fast communication – and has success. The software is regularly expanded and has recently got a new update *.

Most people use the messenger service to stay in touch with friends and family. In addition to writing, the app can also be used to send photos and videos as well as for the phone calls.

What sees most of a great invention, however, has its shadow sides. In addition to the harmless texts and pictures WhatsApp is also used for the dissemination of illegal content (more service topics * on Billion).

Illegal news on WhatsApp: Why recipients have to expect a punishment

The illegal news counts according to _ image of the woman_ both obscene documents, as well as people-reluctant moving picture files. In anonymous groups, such contents should be sent particularly frequently. Since the messenger does not check the pictures and videos, the messages can be forwarded unhindered.

This means that children and adolescents also come into contact with criminal relevant content. Who gets such news, should, however, delete them as soon as possible.

Even those who do not send the forbidden pictures or videos, but only gets sent, must expect a punishment. Because the recipient is also trained if the files are not deleted from their own device.

WhatsApp: How app users can protect against illegal content and penalties

How To Send DISAPPEARING Photos & Videos on WhatsApp (View Once)

The manufacturers have already ensured for more security when using the app. But even the users themselves can protect themselves. That succeeds already with some simple tricks. For this, the groups do not have to be left. It is usually already enough to turn off the automatic storage of images and videos at WhatsApp.

For this, users under Settings must select the item “Data Usage”, and under “Media Auto Download” the hooks remove the options. Questionable content that has already been downloaded can also be deleted to handle a penalty. * Billion is part of the editorial network byip.media.

Category list picture: © Zacharie Scheurer / DPA; Collage: Billion

All Places Puzzles Guiding Light in the Three Realms Gateway – Genshin Impact

The Three Realms Gateway Offering event brought a lot of interesting and refreshing content in Genshin Impact, representing new elements of history that can be experienced, higher visions that need to track down, and a wealth of treasure that you need to find. However, in order to get all the hidden prey, which can offer Encanomy, you need to try your hand in solving a puzzle of a new type – mechanisms of travel light.

Lighting Locations Puzzle Light

Solving Guiding Light puzzles, you will get different types of treasure chests that will bring you great awards, such as intakes as well as signs of the kingdom of light . Using Cryo on the hydraulic mountains will freeze them , turning them into reflective surfaces that will reflect the light. Alternatively, you can use arsonist on cryo-surfaces so that melt them ** turning them back into the sidipal through which light passes.

Everything is 11 Puzzles travel light which can be found and executed during the “Proposal of the Gate of Three Worlds” during the event. However, not all of them are especially easy to find, so we have compiled a list of their locations to help you starting with The Narrows.


All have three travel puzzles You can find around the Narrows. Guiding Light Puzzle Places Next:

  • one: inside some underground ruins southwest of the library.
  • two: inside the ruins west of the library
  • three: on the way east of the library

Snake Heart

All have four puzzles travel light You can find around the snake heart. Guiding Light Puzzle Places Next:

  • One: At the top of the illusory platforms by the cliff to the east of the church of the serpentine heart.
  • Two: inside the ruins next to the travel point of teleport to the east of the church of the serpentine heart.
  • three: inside the temple of the snake heart
  • four: on a small island south of the temple of the serpentine heart

Eternal Temple

All Guiding Light Puzzle Locations Three Realms Gateway Offering Event | Genshin Impact 2.5
All have four puzzles travel light You can find around the temple of the eternal night. Guiding Light Puzzle Places Next:

  • One: At the top of the ruins of the eternal night temple, you need to decide to access the puzzle number three travel light of the eternal night temple.
  • Two: On the top of the ruins of the eternal night temple, you need to decide to get access to the puzzle number three travel light of the temple of the eternal night.
  • three: inside underground ruins of the eternal night temple

  • four: Inside the ruins near the test for the south of the temple of the eternal night.

The event “Offering the Gate of the Three Worlds” will not last forever, so solve these puzzles and get awards until it has become too late! Looking for more excellent GENSHIN IMPACT content? Be sure to look What is Shadowy Husks in Genshin Impact – Different types and how to defeat them here, in Pro Game Guides.

WhatsApp plans drastic change when deleting messages

WhatsApp can be deleted messages in the chat. But Meta plans a change.

Dortmund – For most people, WhatsApp is hardly indispensable from everyday life. There are more than two billion users worldwide. The Facebook Group Meta, which also belongs to WhatsApp , regularly adjusts the messenger with new updates . However, a change ensures attention, as HNA.de * reports.

WhatsApp update: Messenger raises timeout for useful function

With all the news, different chats and groups you can already get confused. Not infrequently it happens that a message to the wrong person device, contains an embarrassing typo or you still consider after the sending that the content is not so suitable.

The Messenger had the solution: Simply delete the message. If you pressed on the small trashcan symbol, the remark disappears from the chat window. Although the chat partner or the chat partner sees that the message was deleted, the content is no longer read. The message can be deleted for all or only for yourself.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone after a Long Time - Up to One Week Old

For this useful WhatsApp function * it should now give a new time limit. This reported the independent portal Wabetainfo.com in early February, which informs about news of the popular messenger. So far, the limit was only a few minutes. Now it should be raised loud Wabetainfo.com for two days and twelve hours (more digital news at messenger).

WhatsApp change: Deleting messages also possible in group chats

But that’s not all: With the new WhatsApp update * will also be possible to delete all sorts of messages in group chats in the future, as Wabetainfo.com wrote on your own blog. The shipping date of the chat message should not play any more.

But beware: Not all deleted messages are immediately g1. For some devices, the WhatsApp messages can be made visible with a trick *.

Recently, the Meta Group made for a sensation. Mark Zuckerberg, chairman of the company, considered to disable Facebook and Instagram in the entire EU *. The Group explained in his annual report to the US Stock Exchange Supervisory Authority. Background are the strict data protection rules in the EU. Other WhatsApp news * Around the Messenger can be found on our topic page. (KAS) * hna.de ist Wiemessenger Part of the editorial network iPPen.media.

Category list picture: © Rüdiger Wölk / Imago

WhatsApp: Stiftung Warentest gives users four important tips

Many users worry about safety and privacy at WhatsApp. Foundation Warentest gives tips.

Berlin – with 2 billion users worldwide and around 100 billion messages daily, WhatsApp * is one of the most widely used apps in the world. However, the applicable privacy policies of the Facebook company Meta, which also includes the brand WhatsApp, are increasingly concerned for criticism *.

WhatsApp: Foundation Warent test recommends users to change four settings

For example, the Warentest Foundation recommends that you check your WhatsApp settings and thus ensure maximum privacy when using the app. If you follow all recommendations, however, must make massive smears in the usability of the app, reported HNA.de *.

Who wants to view or change his current WhatsApp settings, first opens the app on his smartph1. The symbol with three superimposed points can be reached for the settings menu. The privacy settings can then be achieved by clicking on Account and then on privacy (all service news on settings *).

AKU - Trekker Lite Boot got Great Results fom Stiftung Warentest

Privacy settings at WhatsApp: visibility in three levels

The first attitude in which Stiftung Warentest advises to more mindfulness is the visibility of profile picture and info text, which can be set to “anyone”, “my contacts” or “no one”. The same setting options also have users at the “Last Online”.

This allows you to hide the timestamp, see the other WhatsApp users under the display name when they open the WhatsApp chat * with the user concerned. If you turn off the “Last Online” setting, the timestamp will no longer see the timestamp with other users.

Read-check mark at WhatsApp: Privacy settings for more privacy

Also separately switch off the display of the blue “read” tickets that transmit other users, whether the recipient has already seen their message. Who does not want whatsapp, in which there were already changes in the profile pictures in January *, transmit this data can intervene in the privacy settings and select from the usual three options.

Who shuts off the function, the blue check marks look only in group chats. There, a message always appears as blue when all group members have read a message.

Even with the WhatsApp status messages, users can set whether to see for anyone who uses the app for their own contacts or any1. This feature allows you to upload a photobook or Instagram, a photo, video, or text update analogous to Stories in the social media networks, which is visible 24 hours for the selected group. Also in chat with a particular person can be set that WhatsApp messages will be deleted within 24 hours *.

Safety at WhatsApp: Limit access to data and camera with app settings

If this is not far enough in terms of data protection at WhatsApp, which can also specify further restrictions in addition to the settings within the app, which can be reached via the smartphone setting menu. Here you are looking for the app settings in the list and select the App WhatsApp, so the permissions are displayed, which WhatsApp is given to the first start of the app on the smartphone.

Here you can access the app for access to the contact details of the smartphone, the mobile phone camera, the voice recording function, or on the data and image memory. However, who goes this step has to be aware that he loses many functions of the app and, for example, no images or voice messages can send more. _ * HNA.de is Wiesettings part of the editorial network of ips.media._

Category list picture: © Fabian Summer / dpa

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on xbox?

Horizon Forbidden West has finally released for PS4 and PS5 consoles, opening one of the first high-budget SONY games of 2022. Eloe returned to the next mission to save the Earth from the event of the extinction level. While PlayStation fans can enjoy Horizon and all Forbidden West offers, fans of other platforms, including XBOX, ask whether the game will soon appear on their console.

Horizon Forbidden West will not be released on Xbox consoles. Being a product of Sony Interactive Entertainment, users are unlikely to see this popular role-playing game even at a PC at least a few years. Horizon Zero Dawn entered the PC three years after the output of the original game on PS4. The only way to play Horizon Forbidden West in the foreseeable future is a PS4 or PS5 system. .

Although Horizon Forbidden West is a game for different generations, the version of Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 has several unique features, including tactile feedback, adaptive triggers and an enlarged range of drawing. Users can go for free from PS4 to the version of the game for PS5 anytime.

More about Horizon Forbidden West , Be sure to check out some of our other manuals here, in Pro Game Guides. .

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