It seems that «Batman Arkham Collection» could reach Nintendo Switch this year if you believe in a list of shops that appeared online. The list itself could be completely inaccurate, of course, but it would not be the first time that an unannounced title is revealed involuntarily through a list of stores.

More specifically, the French retailer WTT has a list for «Batman Arkham Collection» that indicates that it will be launched on August 31. Even if the title itself is real, the date of launch could be nothing more than a position marker. Notably, Batman’s collecting: Arkham_ was previously launched for consoles that are not Nintendo Switch, as well as for PC several years ago, which gave everything even more legitimacy.

If in fact arrives at Nintendo Switch this year, it seems fair to assume that it will be very similar to the other versions of Batman: Arkham_. The title collected in Steam, for example, includes the game edition of the year for both Soil Arkham of Batman and Batman: City of Arkham as well as Batman: Knight of Arkham and the season pass of him. Videogames launched in the ARKHAM series, the remaining in the collection is batman: Origins of Arkham that was not developed by Rocksteady Studios.

Rocksteady Studios is currently working on a new video game set in the Arkham videogame franchise called Easquad de Suicida: Kill the Justice League. Reportedly, it has been delayed until 2023. In addition, WB Games is also ready to launch Gotham at some point, although apparently it is not connected to Arkham games despite presenting several of the same characters.

As noted above, it is not known if the list of «Batman Arkham Collection» for Nintendo Switch is legitimate, but the list of the store indicated a launch date on August 31. Even if the collection of video games is real, that could be a marker of position in general. You can check all our previous coverage of Batman Arkham video games here.

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