In less than three weeks is from Softwares’s latest stroke Elden Ring finally on the mat and next to the open world and cryptic history, many players are looking forward to one thing: the epic bosses. Because the Japanese developer studio has shown Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro in recent years, that fearsome end opponents are their specialty.

The opinion is also numerous Playstation studios like Insomniac (Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart), Naughty Dog (The Last of Us, Uncharted), Sony Santa Monica ( God of War) or Bluepoint Games (Demon’s Souls Remake). On the occasion of the early Elden Ring Launch, Sony’s playing shots have revealed their favorite bosses on the Playstation Blog. Are your favorites in this?

Lots of love for the bosses of Dark Souls 1

In the listing one goes chronologically and therefore begins with dark souls 1 , which probably still today is considered a fanbleble. Also fan lickings are the three bosses that appear in the list as favorites of different studios. Tom Clercx, animator with NixXes software chose the Great Gray Wolf SIF with the impressive sword in the mouth.

Dzan Wong, Senior QA Tester and Duncan Tyrer, Embedded QA Analyst (Both of Studio Firesprite), on the other hand, chose Dragon’s ornstein and Henker Smough . The dynamic duo should have been the greatest hurdle in Dark Souls for many. Matthew Kemp, Game Designer at Firesprite, also decided for a Dark Souls 1-Boss, namely the DLC of the same name: Knight Artorias .

Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne and Sekiro also come to the train

SoulSborne fans also know that Soulsborne fans know that not only the first Dark Souls part has outstanding bosses to offer: Dark Souls 3 also shines with impressive endpers: the Dancer of the North Wighthal for example, for which Randall Lowe, producer With Bluepoint Games has decided, or the nameless king , chosen by Tucker Cole, Technical Artist at Bend Studio.

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Bloodborne is also represented twice on the list, namely with the two DLC-Bossen Princess Maria des Astral Clock Tower and Ludwig, the Holy Blade . The latest title of From Software, Sekiro, could even post three places: the merciless uhu (father) , the Guardian monkey with his excrement escapades and ultimately the painful butterfly .

And what Boss likes Souls Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki?

Also boss of the studio and creator of the Souls series, Hidetaka Miyazaki , of course, has a favorite boss. When asked, the giftsulfur enthusiast becomes nostalgic and calls an end opponent from the veteran of soulsborne games: demon’s soul. At the end of the tower of Latria, the third area of ​​the game, a very special boss awaits you.

What is meant by course the old monk . High up on a mountain of chairs perches the confest body of the believer and wraps everyone who approaches him in a magical, yellow cloth and lets him fight for himself. The special thing about the old monk: the multiplayer aspect. Players have to assert themselves against another player.

As Miyazaki reveals, many were against the implementation of these multiplayer mechanics and feared for the fun. But he is still glad to have implemented this boss so: _ “I wanted to have this boss concept in the game, both in terms of optical design and gameplay, including the multiplayer element.” _

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