On Ebay you just get the Nintendo Switch in the version from 2019 in the offer, for 264.90 euros. Of course, these are new. According to comparison platforms, the console is now nowhere else so cheap. For comparison: At Amazon , the Nintendo Switch currently costs 277 euros, with MediaMarkt and Saturn you currently get them for 295 euros. The shipping is free of charge at the eBay offer.

Nintendo Switch (Edition 2019) for 264,90 € on eBay

Supplier is the larger eBay dealer SBDirect24, which is more common by cheap gaming deals and also the Nintendo Switch has already offered good prices. The retreats of the dealer are too 99 percent positive. SBDirect 24 does not currently specify how long the offer still applies. If you order now, you will probably get the console on Wednesday or Thursday.

Incidentally, the deal is part of the so-called WOW! Offers on eBay, in which you get many more products such as 4K TVs, laptops or smartphones cheaper. The overview can be found here:

Wow! Offers on eBay: To overview

Nintendo Switch: Edition 2019 or OLED?

The fact that the Nintendo Switch gives so cheap is also because Nintendo has lowered the recommended retail price for version from 2019 last year to 299.99 euros. This in turn has to do with the appearance of the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which is characterized by the standard version, especially through the better screen, but also a few other advantages like more memory (64 instead of 32 GB) and provides a better stand. However, it is not more powerful than the normal switch.

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Nintendo Switch OLED on eBay: The Nintendo Switch OLED also finds you in the WOW! Offers on eBay, at a price of 399,90 Euro (RRP: 359 Euro) is not exactly a favorable Special offer. The special feature here is that the console is even available, because with almost all other dealers, it is sold out or can only be ordered to even higher prices. In our opinion, the benefits of the Nintendo Switch OLED are not worth the current excessive prices. If you see it differently, you will find the eBay offer here:

Nintendo Switch OLED for 399,90 € on eBay

Nintendo Switch OLED at Otto: If you have a lot of patience, you will find a much more attractive deal at Otto. Here you can get the Nintendo Switch OLED together with Pokémon legend Arceus for 389 euros. In this case, the surcharge would be more worthwhile compared to the normal switch. The problem: Otto can only deliver at the end of April, according to information on the product page.

Nintendo Switch OLED + Pokémon Legends Arceus for 389 € at OTTO

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