YouTuber Gilvasunner went to Twitter this weekend to reveal that his channel dedicated to Nintendo’s sonorous bands recently received more than 1300 blocks of copyright. As a result, the soundtracks of Nintendo Games as The legend of the Zelda sword towards the sky, _Super Mario World 3D, and Luigi_ is no longer available for users on the channel of it. This is not the first time that Gilvasunner receives copyright claims on the part of Nintendo, since he has been forced to eliminate soundtracks of games as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Smash Bros. for 3ds, and Mario Kart Wii, in the past.

CAN STOP THE MUSIC | Nintendo, Copyright, and YouTube (VL621)
The Gilvasunner Tweet can be found in embedded below.

Nintendo is notoriously protective of its intellectual property and is rushed to issue removal notices for anything that violates the copyright of the company. That is more understandable when it comes to fan games where Pokémon’s characters are violently killed, but that is very different from this situation! Nintendo is not very good at making his music easily available: the company offers a limited number of soundtracks in iTunes, but fans who hope to hear the vast majority of the Nintendo catalog have few or no official option available. In particular, the Nintendo YouTube channel itself is dedicated only to progress or other video content. The current anchored tweet of Gilvasunner is 2019, in which he asked Nintendo of America to add his music from him to Spotify and other transmission services.

After a previous elimination in 2020, Gilvasunner declared that he does not have these monetized videos, so he is not gaining money; He is simply putting these soundtracks available to those who want to listen to them. He also said that he is not angry about these demolitions, but “he thinks he is a bit disappointing that there is hardly an alternative.”

Nintendo can be very outdated in his practices at times, for great frustration of his fan base. The Gilvasunner page does not take away money from Nintendo, since the company does not give the fans enough ways to listen to their music. At the end of the day, this is the content of the company and can do with him what he pleases, but unless Nintendo can find legitimate ways to offer his music to fans, it is difficult to understand who benefits this movement.

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