One of the most acclaimed videogame franchises for the criticism of all times finally reaches Nintendo Switch. Specifically, that franchise in question is portal, which is the first-person puzzle series developed by Valve. While Portal has been available on several different platforms for more than a decade, this next launch of the series in Switch will mark the first time that Valve throws each game on a Nintendo platform.

Revelation as part of Nintendo’s last Direct, PORTAL: Complementary collection was announced that it will arrive at Switch at some point in 2022. This package will combine both the original _portal and its sequel portal 2. Best of all is that Valve will not charge a premium for this package and will only sell the complementary _colection for $ 19.99.

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Although the portal franchise is quite old at this time, as mentioned, the series has long been one of the most acclaimed by criticism. At this point, portal 2 continues with a global score of 95/100 in Metacritic, while the original portal that was included with The Box Naranja, has a score of 96/100. Leaving only Metacritic, this means that each game is rated among the 50 best video games of all time, simply leaving the critical reception. Then, for the Nintendo fanatics, we can finally get access to the Portal series is perhaps a greater problem than you would normally expect.

Are you planning to pick up portal: Complementary collection for yourself in Switch at the end of this year? Let me know in the comments or you can send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

And if you are not familiar with any of the portal titles, you can find an official description of each game courtesy from Nintendo below.

«Even Portal and Portal 2 The complementary _Collection arrives at Nintendo Switch with all the innovative gameplay, black humor and exploration that earned the series hundreds of prizes.

In portal, you will use a highly experimental portal device to resolve riddles and physical challenges. Maneuver objects, and yourself, through space to open yourself through the mysterious aperture scientific laboratories.

Return to Aperture Laboratories in portal 2 where once again you will face the Lightly Inventive and Crazy Power for the Power called Glands. Meet an expanded cast of characters while opening path through dangerous areas never before views of the laboratories and a wider variety of portal riddles. More portal 2 also includes a cooperative game mode with local multiplayer, divided screen and online so that you and a friend can think of portals ».