More than two weeks have passed since the Pokémon Arceus legends were launched, and you probably have made good progress in the main story. However, you may have lost some secrets of the game.

Hidden passages, characters that give rewards, mysterious references and other good Easter eggs. Let’s take a balance of all those things that may not have seen yet.

Beware of possible spoilers.

The people evolve, but it also does the music

You may have noticed that some buildings were under construction at the beginning of history. The higher you are in the Galaxy Team, the most manor assembly and more will grow jubilee . Thus, new houses will be accessible. The stores will also expand if you complete certain secondary missions (clothing store, merchant, hairdresser, photo hall, etc.). This is also the case of orchard where you can plant for a few Pokécuters.

In short, Jubilee and its businesses grow as you advance, and also the music! Listen carefully, you will see that Effectively several instruments are added for each gentlemen appeased. In addition, you will notice that the music present on the load screen (before pressing a) is not another than a soft and ancient version of one of the Anime OST.

A strong connection between Arceus and diamond Pokémon / pearl

Of course, you know that the two games take place in the same region but in two different times. Several ancestors of known characters of the Pokémon license are also present in Arceus. But other small secrets are well hidden in the two works launched with a few months of difference (we are talking here from Remake):

  • To complete the secondary mission the legend of the oceans in Pokémon Arceus, you should read a book that was present at the Library . Then we discovered that this book was already referring to the evolution of the Qwilfish of Hisui without anyone knowing.
  • Once Arceus is over, go talk to the people of the Galaxy team. One of them will tell you about a great painting that he is doing, representing the crack of time on Mount Corona. Then you can observe this cool in the city church heart in deps!

It is possible to capture Unown and Spiritomb again

Even when you have collected the 107 volutes of light to find Spiritomb , keep in mind that you can still find them later. However, your generation rate is less than 0.90%, so you will need good luck to find it in your normal version or even Shiny.

The same goes for the unown , who, even if they can be shinys when you look for it for your alphabet, you can find it in alpha version in the ruins, you finish your particular Pokédex.

It is possible to decorate your house

Nothing to do with animal Crossing New Horizons or the Sims, but you will see that it is possible to add furniture to your home by buying them at the merchant ginkgo. Actually, this will help you to change the shape of your Rotom!

Hidden NPCs give you rewards

How to Get Space-Time Distortions to Spawn in Pokemon legends Arceus
Exploration is very important because you will often find rare Pokémon or useful resources in hidden corners. Going at the end of the areas, on the edge of the edges, it is ideal if you want to find you with some interesting NPCs:

  • In all areas, for example, you can find the bandits to overcome them. They will give you beautiful nuggets that you can sell for 10,000 Pokécutes.
  • A man will give you the recipe to do Piece choice to the right of the crown hillside.

  • Damper will give you the recipe to do old cakes, in Pantanal Crimmes.

You can unlock new passages blocked by rocks

During your exploration of the different areas of Hisui, you will often use your Pokémon to collect pebbles of a rock, a tree berries or a chest or box materials. But did you know that some caves and other game tunnels were blocked by large rocks that could be destroyed?

A little as in a Zelda, for example, these piles of rocks symbolize the entrance to a cave and can be pulverized in a few blows simply by sending a Pokémon over them. There is no need for pumps.

A DLC announced at the end of the game?

As we have seen, the recent datamining of the game seems to indicate the presence of a future DLC. Not so illogical when you look at the end. If we talk to some NPC about the game after finishing it, we can see the change made by the player during the adventure. Some talk about building a second village, others starting the Pokémon battles mode, and even others of using creatures to help them much more like Alala Pokémonturas.

We will definitely have to wait for the usual Pokémon Presents in February to know more!

some anecdotes and references

  • Pikachu of your rival refers to the moody pikachu of anime Pokémon that, at first, does not let himself be carried away and it is hard for him to accept his collaboration with Ash,
  • The mission 16, alludes to the game detective pikachu launched in 3DS. Maybe an advance for a nearby release of his switch version that we are still waiting for?
  • Your character is 15 years old. Various theories of fanatics explain that this is the same character as in the remakes. Dreaming of traveling around the world in search of all the Pokémon (which would have taken him 5 years), he then he would have met Arceus that he would have sent him back in time.
  • The favorite Pokémon of Junichi Masuda , the mission 32 with the psyducks is obviously a reference to the same creatures that block the diamond and pearl pass.

  • Clefairy and Mission 67 is also a reference to Pokémon Gold and Silver and its famous Moon Dance,

  • The Torn Journal You get from Mission 82 Probably be related to images found that were published for promotion.
  • Bidoof those who helped in one of the secondary missions at first will now be on the roofs of houses in Jubilee.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so do not hesitate to share your own findings in the comments! We will return in more detail, for example, all the ancestors present in the game, in another article, as well as the mysterious paintings.

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