Giant Japanese mobile game from his 90 million downloads, puzzle & dragons will already celebrate his tenth anniversary on February 20th. And what better way to mark the spirits than to release a Switch version worthy of the name the same day in Japan and Europe – and the 19th of February, on the Atlantic, because of the time difference. Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition will be released on Eshop at € 3.85, which will not prevent it from including micro-transactions that have made it one of the heavyweights of the App Store and Google Play.

If the license has never achieved the expected success in Europe, despite the support of Nintendo to locate a special version in the world of Mario in 2015, the success of Puzzle & Dragons on the sole Japanese territory was enough to propel the app in the gotha ​​of the most profitable mobile games of all time; In 2018 he gave other phenomena as a royal clash, a certain Candy Crush Saga. Like the king phenomenon, puzzle & dragons is based on an advanced formula of RPG’s mature, where the association of monsters and deities makes it possible to overcome more and more full-bodied challenges. The random invocation of new increasingly rare creatures and crystal coins were the keystone of monetization during these long years, as well as collaborations with all that Japan account of prestigious licenses (dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, Ken the survivor).

『PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition』Trailer
This new declination will try to restore the blazon of the consoles license, after a frankly limited puzzle & dragon version (2020), both in terms of bestiary and gaming interest – and elsewhere located in Europe. It must be said that the series never really managed to adapt its formula of “snack game” and a dosage of the difficulty precisely thought to tickle the frustration of mobile players. Please note that this version will propose translations in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Korean, and that it will be possible to play tactile for nomadic fashion followers, but also with traditional controls probably less reactive.

For its part, Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition will offer several game modes, including an Quest mode based on the succession of more and more complex dungeons, to go alone or in cooperation, up to four players simultaneously. PVP mode will help them humiliate with unbeatable Japanese players in games up to 8, where each participant targets the highest score. Filters for games between friends or meetings facing the AI ​​are planned, not forgetting the regular event dungeon update to accumulate _Event points (EP) and invoke new creatures. Finally, a custom mode will propose to combine monsters, backgrounds and background music to shape your own original dungeons, before putting them online to test them by others.

History of being complete, and as Gungho indicates in the FAQ of the official website, it will always be possible to monounce additional draws from the egg machine and its four variants (Standard, Heroine, Godfest, Dragon & Dragonbound), through microtransactions, in addition to the initial purchase. The game should, however, remain quite passable without going through this bias the editor.

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Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition – Official Trailer