Garchomp is one of the best non-legendary Pokémon to have in your group in almost all the games in which it appears. However, this game changes the regular Formula of Pokémon in several ways, so you will be asking How to evolve Gabite to Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus . This is what you need to know.

How to evolve Gabite to Garchomp in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Even with all the changes that Legends Arceus brings, some things are still the same, as certain methods of evolution. Gible still evolves to Gabite at level 24, and Gabite evolves Garchomp at Level 48. This line of Pokémon does not include any special evolution, although it may take some time to take Gabite at level 48.

Once Gabite reaches level 48, opens the group menu and press x while highlighting the Pokémon. It will look like the example in the image below. This will trigger a manual evolution since the Pokémon does not automatically evolve when winning exp and levels in this game.

Where to find Garchomp

If you have not yet caught a gible, be sure to consult our guide on where to find it at Coronet Highlands. And if you prefer omitting the entire process of evolution, you can even catch a garchomp in the same location of the highlands, instead of evolving Gabite.

How to get GIBLE & GARCHOMP in Pokémon Legends: Arceus
However, you should be careful because it is an alpha Pokémon, which means that it is extremely difficult to tear down according to the Pokémon level in your group.

Garchomp also has a strong dragon / earth type, which makes it weak in front of ice, dragon and fairy and, at the same time, is immune to electrical movements.

That’s all you need to know about How to evolve Gabite to Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus . Be sure to consult our Wiki guide on the game to get more tips, tricks and other useful information that will help you on your trip through the HISUI region.

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