If referees and their assistants sometimes feel that they can not be able to do the stakeholders – the Champions League evening on Wednesday could have confirmed them.

In Salzburg, Bayern coach JULIAN NAGELSMANN made air after the 1: 1-Remis of his anger air, because referee Michael Oliver in the injury time a supposed offensive foul of Thomas Müller to RB-Keeper Philipp Köhn had immediately repaped and so the guests had taken a possible winning goal: Go to the goal of the door, in the detection of the video assistant the Müller scene then could have been checked again, it did not come anymore. “An incredibly bad decision,” Nagelsmann realized.

Klopp: “That makes me ready”

Around 400 kilometers further southwestern Jürgen Klopp had a precisely opposite problem with the referee team: it reacted for his taste again and again too late. “Their situations were very often off,” said the coach of the FC Liverpool after the 2-0 away win in Inter over the Milanese offensive action. “That’s done me: You see it’s offside, but you let you run and forget to lift the flag.”

In short, Klopp disturbs the referee trend to run away from suspensive attacks, so that the VaR could correctly correct a goal in case of doubt due to offships. One too before whistle because of a too early flag no more opportunity.


Klopp also disturb the psychological consequences

Already on Sunday after the 1-0 liga success at Premier League tutor Burnley, Klopp had excited about it – even about the psychological consequences: “Due to the late offspring, it feels like they had more moments than in reality,” Had he said about the opponent. Partially, goalkeeper Alisson was therefore forced to unnecessary parades, although his leader actually defended well, namely successfully played on the offside, so Klopp. “That’s really crazy.”

Whether Klopp repeats such thoughts, if one of his players will seem to be mistakenly repeated prematurely, remains to be seen. Over an early whistle, after all, he lost a word in Milan: Referee Szymon Marciniak had been asked on time for half-time break after the two-minute nighttime time, though it looked hard afterwards as if Mohamed Salah would otherwise run on the Inter-Tor alone.