Whether you were blocked at WhatsApp, can be found out. These instructions provide answers.

Berlin – For months, WhatsApp messages remain unanswered? The suspicion can quickly get there, the other contact could have blocked one on WhatsApp . Whether that’s really the case, you can find out quickly with the following tricks, reports Merkur.de .

Blocked at WhatsApp: Find out if someone was blocked

At the Messengerdienst WhatsApp, there is no function * with which it can be determined by whom one was blocked. Nevertheless, there are ways to find out exactly. The consumer portal CHIP.de has collected signs that indicate it.

Suddenly the profile picture of a WhatsApp contact is no longer visible. Instead, only the standard image with the outlines of a person. Either this contact just has no desire for a profile picture or you were actually blocked.

Blocked at WhatsApp? Profile picture or status are no longer visible

How to Find if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp
Conspicuous and well-recognizable is a blockage from a contact that posts a lot and often in its WhatsApp status. Tagende wireless silence of this person in the status messages can indicate blocking (more Digital News at blocked).

Was you blocked at WhatsApp? Last online display and check mark

If you do not see the date and time at once under the name of the stored person, when they were last online, you can also be an indication that you’ve been blocked. However, WhatsApp also has a function that allows this display to be disabled manually. So it does not have to automatically indicate a blockage.

Do not disregard you should also make the check marks that appear after sending at the bottom of a message. If only one hook is visible, the message was not delivered to the other person. This can be beside a blocking but also on a switched-off mobile phone or bad reception. Only with two hooks has the message arrived. This new change is available at WhatsApp: It concerns the camera * function. _ * Merkur.de is like blocked a part of the reaction network IPPEN.MEDIA_

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