Horizon Forbidden West has finally released for PS4 and PS5 consoles, opening one of the first high-budget SONY games of 2022. Eloe returned to the next mission to save the Earth from the event of the extinction level. While PlayStation fans can enjoy Horizon and all Forbidden West offers, fans of other platforms, including XBOX, ask whether the game will soon appear on their console.

Horizon Forbidden West will not be released on Xbox consoles. Being a product of Sony Interactive Entertainment, users are unlikely to see this popular role-playing game even at a PC at least a few years. Horizon Zero Dawn entered the PC three years after the output of the original game on PS4. The only way to play Horizon Forbidden West in the foreseeable future is a PS4 or PS5 system. .

Although Horizon Forbidden West is a game for different generations, the version of Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 has several unique features, including tactile feedback, adaptive triggers and an enlarged range of drawing. Users can go for free from PS4 to the version of the game for PS5 anytime.

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