[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] A specialized subsidiary (representative Oan) of Neoweds Holdings (Representative Osumi) is a specialist, which is a specialist, such as development staff, service planning, operation, marketing, and marketing.

How to Create Incentive Programs that Drive Profits for Staff and Owners
The recruitment field is a development stitch ▲ backend ▲ front end ▲ IOS development, etc. The support period is from February 21 to March 20th. The acception may find and support the ‘block chain’ tab in the recruitment announcement after connection of NeoWizu recruitment homepage.

In both development and non-emphasized units, we will not limit the incentive to the incentive according to their ability and performance. The 5-star hotel suite 3 nights and 4-star hotels are available in the Welcome Bonus. When you join Milestone after joining, you will be able to pay additional incentive resources separately.

The adoption proceeds for the open platform ‘Neopin’ service extension and mobile app, and the like. The key vision of Neogin is ‘connection’ and ‘extension’.

Virtual asset wallet service starts with GameFi (GAME + FINANCE) in the first quarter, launching a Clayton network based P2E (Play to EARN) “and opened ‘S2E (Service to EARN) and’ NFT Services’ It is aiming. In the 3rd and 4Q, we plan to collaborate with a variety of content companies to expand to a win-win platform and hand grab with global companies.

Established in 2007, Neo Phara has started operating a block chain since last 2017. The Global Public Block Chair, which is developed by ‘Ground X’, which is a challenge of Kakao’s block chain, has been investing in the Global Public block chain, and is also active as a governance committee member.

Since 2019, we launched a virtual asset wallet service Enblocks and released an open platform Neopin, a block chain, which has a virtual asset wallet, P2e, S2e, and NFT. A list of “Neogin tokens (NPT)”, which will be used as a basic currency of a variety of block systems, is also preparing.

The representative of Neokhon-heon is “actively looking for a new challenge, even if it is a new challenge, even if it is active in a block chain industry or has a block chain, The total mobilization will be on the core workforce.