People wonder if there will be a Nintendo Switch Pro version. And it seems that Shuntaro Furukawa, director and representative president of Nintendo, said some things about the current Nintendo Switch consoles and what will happen. This has come after a session of questions and answers with the direction.

“We are not able to comment on the next game system for the moment. It is now the fifth year since the launch of Nintendo Switch, and the total sale of equipment has exceeded 90 million units. We recognize that the system is mid-term of its life cycle. The launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED model also contributed to the pursuit of sales dynamics and we now offer consumers three models of Nintendo Switch adapted to their play styles and lifestyle, as well as a wide range of Software. With this, we believe that a base of growth has been asked that goes beyond what we previously considered as a conventional hardware life cycle. As for the next game system, we are considering many different things, but with regard to the concept and the launch schedule, we can not share anything for the moment._ “

So, in short, the Nintendo Switch is currently in the middle of his way of life, and it may be until 2027, because the Nintendo Switch came out in 2017. In addition, there are still flea shortages to take In account, who affected Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox Series X. And although management is well aware of the problem, the focus has been more on software promotion than on equipment sales. Not to say that it has been forgotten, because Ko Shiota, director, senior executive added that the equipment development department is “anticipated to take such measures.
The evaluation of alternative components and the examination of our conceptions.

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In short, although there may be changes in the future for the switch, revisions and others, it seems that the new generation console will not happen if early. At least, not in 2022.