Nintendo has announced the end of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS ESHOs: It will occur at the end of March 2023, moments after which it will not be possible to buy games in the digital stores of those consoles.

“Free content can not be downloaded, including trial versions. In addition, according to the date, the functionality of certain related services will cease, “is read on the company’s website; They refer to, for example, prepaid cards, which will stop working on those EShops since August 29 of this year.

What you already have bought is still accessible, yes. When the closure is made, it will remain possible to “download downloadable games and content, receive program updates and enjoy online games on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles».

My thoughts on the Nintendo WiiU/3DS eShop closures... | MVG
To remember the years of those two consoles, Nintendo has launched a web in which you summarize your most played games, with statistics of dedicated genres and hours. Leave me that you are sincere: I did not remember having played Tanto to The Binding of Isaac in 3DS.

As when the same happened with the Wii store, the danger here is in what is going to be lost: the only digital games, accessible only through the Eshop, which will disappear when the stores are closed. The truth is that there are not so many: especially in the case of Wii U, the activity was sufficiently limited so that not many people dared to launch only digital games for a console that sold much less than expected, and in cases like Nes remix there are physical editions. Yes there is one, however, as Dr. Luigi who will go with the store that saw him born.