Minister of Information and Communication of Im Hye Sook Ki – Sook Technology The Minister of Information and Communications Department said, “The government will continue to support and continue what the government should support and prepare.”

Evangelism is active in the Spanish Barcelona and has been active in the Spanish Barcelona and participating in the national and international exhibition hall, including the exhibition hall of the company,

She watched the main exhibition booth from the first day of opening, and she said that the Minister of Korea said, “We have a lot of challenges,” We have a booth to be a booth, “we have a lot of difficulties to beyond technology.”

She, she said, “The most representative,” has difficulty in which SMEs should be more than a certain scale until the technology implementation, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said.

A Hometown in Heart (Ma-eum-ui go-hyang)(1949)

I shipped my pride for 28GHz 5G.

Impression, “Hana Impression is deeply applied in the 5G frequency 28GHz band,” said that in GSMA, “GSMA is also introducing 5G technology in Korea, while in GSMA, in Korea, I felt, “he said.

She added that she said, “I think that she will have to improve technology through a digital new dedication, and to give a chance as a good policy in the future.”