Valve announced a top release of January in STeam on March 1st. A large work and attention work such as “Monster Hunterrise” and “Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel” are lined up. One of the titles that are arranging their faces are “ Wars and Roses “. It is a book that stands on the sunny stage of the top 20 in January, but in fact its review status is “pros and cons”.

“Wars and Roses” is a unique work that combines dating sim for military FPS. In this work, the player will face terrorists in the world as a commander. It is a fierce cancer action with the approach match. But in this work, the player does not struggle for an isolated force. The player has an officer that fights together. Moreover, the Officer is just a beautiful woman with a complete match. I will combine squad with myself and heroines and challenge the battle with terrorists. Sometimes it is also possible to help and recrute women who are captured.

In this work, there are also dating sim elements with female officers who fight together as well. During dating, it is possible to unlock your own conversation and interaction through various scenarios. I forgot the sense of tension of the battlefield, and I can deepen exchanges with women. In this work, it is possible to save money and purchase items. In addition to buying weapons and military sources, goods can be purchased to be given to women on a date. Also, DLC for adults is also provided.

“Wars and Roses” releases the product version on January 21 this year. The number of simultaneous connection players exceeded 4,000 phases and has attracted a certain attention (STEAMDB). However, the evaluation is the “pros and cons” state where 50% of the STEAM strare review greater than 1900. The overall evaluation is pointed out that the number of defects is pointed out. A number of bugs that mission can not go ahead and it seems that it is a contradiction that it is contributing to the evaluation. It is also anxious to the user that there is a lot of problems in the form of an officially released state, not early access delivery. According to English speakers, there are voices of localization with unnatural.

However, it seems that certain support is also gathered for the uncommon of the concept. Also, the beauty of the creation is also evaluated for modeling of heroines. It will be possible to attract attention as an ambitious challenge and be a unique work that played the top 20 in January. Currently, it is the quality that is said to be “unfinished” from many users, but it is likely to be able to brush up in the future.

In addition, since the bug fix and content addition have been performed since releasing. However, on February 7, a report has been posted that the developer has been ill. Therefore, the update seems to slightly down. It is anxious about how to go to “Wars and Roses” tomorrow.

“Wars and Roses” is sold for PC at STeam. The price is 2050 yen. STEAM ANuki Top release is more relevant.