The foundations of Sinnoh

Pokémon Arceus Legends takes place in Hisui, who is the former name of the Sinnoh region, scene of adventures very popular versions Diamond and Pearl (and their very faithful remakes contracted late last year by ILCA ). The scenario is therefore conducted in the past, with a protagonist who wakes up with amnesia on a beach dressed in a shirt and a highly anachronistic shorts. We understand the quickly, the character embodies one arrives from the future and aims to solve the strange phenomenon of spatio-temporal faults that messes throughout the region. Because it must be emphasized: at that time, humans and Pokémon living separately and these wild creatures are kept away from a fortified town by the name of Rusti-City.

This city is the only one found in Legends Arceus. Indeed, unlike traditional games, we are here in the near system Monster Hunters or Guild Wars first name. The zones are separated by loading screens and Rusti-City is the nerve center of your adventures. New quests, merchants, making articles, various training: everything you need to, then go exploring in very large areas. The lack of a real open world may disappoint, but all is well made: the city tours are only required to advance the story and it is entirely possible to source objects and even cure and get his Pokémon without leaving the area. Indeed, this hub system is probably the best they had available.

A technique from another age

It must be said, a completely open world would have been very complicated to make, especially when you see the poor performance of the Legend Arceus. We will not go around the bush: Visually, the game is worthy of a production 2022. Textures are a pathetically inadequate, the trees are 20 years old in the legs and display distances are catastrophic, has fortiori when it moves over a flying mount. Game Freak is a box that wants to remain a “human-sized”, but that does not excuse the visual weakness this game. When you see a Breath of the Wild out there 5 years, the pain is even stronger. How this game also released on Wii U is able to overcome? The sharing of knowledge and technology does not seem to be on the agenda at Nintendo and that’s a shame. However, it highlights the tolerance of each person does this graphic weakness is unacceptable to give him a chance? Some remain blocked here. Other, less fussy, the judge for his ability to be fun.

Life old

It must be said, Legends Pokémon Arceus is an extremely fun game if you like exploring and capturing. For the first time it is possible to capture Pokémon in the light without screen change without throwing fight. For this, many tools are available, like berries, which attract gourmets somewhere, potions that make them no more silent or smoke bombs to hide. Besides the bushes or rocks, which are natural shelters. But beware ! Some species are aggressive and will not hesitate to attack you, sometimes making quite breathless hunt. We quickly took the game to capture Pokémon without delay and with exceptional fluidity. Where we were accustomed to long loads notifications to a vengeance attacks or to learn after spending level, everything is done by available access very simple menus at any time. On this aspect, it will be very difficult to return to the old formula.

The old battles

The fighting are always present in Pokémon Arceus legends, but they are much more on the sidelines than usual. First of all, the system has been revised. The objects held and the talents are not there, and the system of IV and EV disappeared for the benefit of something less strategic, but which has the merit of making perfect any captured Pokémon, Without asking for a long Farm and more! The clashes are more rhythmic, with fast and particularly neat animations, but above all: they do not resume the known mode of operation. If, historically, the two competitors chose their action at the same time, we are now on pure tower in turn that removes any notion of anticipation. Instead, the Pokémon interact one after the other, the whole changed by the speed statistics and the combat styles used, powerful (slower) and fast (faster). It must be said, this system would not work to make JCJ fights, but it is not a problem here, since this feature is inaccessible. All modifications glue extremely well with this game that mixes exploration and fights without loading and statistical calculation prevents rolling on the content, even with higher level pokemon, which is an excellent thing.

The story of our ancestors

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We realize it quickly enough, the scenario is only a pretext for exploring and capturing Pokémon. History is not exceptional and many questions remain outstanding, but see Rustic City develop and grow as progression is something pretty rewarding. And there is also personalization since, for example, a peasant who asks you to bring him a Pokémon water to water his fields will keep him with him, just like the Chenipotte du Garde that you will see evolving little by little. Gradually, humans and Pokémon learn to cohabit. From the point of view of lore, many references and ASTER EGGS are present and it is very nice if we are interested closely.

The main story asks to calm venerated pokemon, named monarch, which have become crazy. For this, they must be tackled in very oriented action, asking for the first time in the history of the main saga to memorize patterns and dodge at the right time. And it is clear that some of them offer a little challenge.

To achieve these bumps, some precise Pokémon serve as a mount. Deer jumper, bird glider, swimmer fish, they are unlocked little by little and allow to explore places previously inaccessible. And why not capture one of the new regional forms introduced by this version.

Pastitude past

Walking into vast spaces, exploring the smallest cranny, capturing Pokémon, it is most of the content of legends… and therefore, it is possible to find the repetitive system and laundering in the long run. There is not much to do next because the fights are not very useful and, moreover, there is no need to maximize the levels of Pokémon. Log the first two parts of the scenario is interesting and is done without overwork, but the final boss, he asks to capture the entire Pokémon. We fall back in the artificial increase in the service life with one of them which appears only by rewarding a quest that asks to find 107 flames disseminated throughout the game. This will not affect everything. The world, far from it.

The final word

Game Freak is often removed to take no risk and do not innovate, but a huge step forward has been done with this Cègends Arceus. All is not perfect for this first jet but this declination deserves to become a parallel series allowing to explore the world Pokémon of the past by offering a more dynamic and more action-oriented game style. Although he has his faults, that we talk about his performance or repetitiveness, he marks the beginning of something for the Pokémon series. The 9th generation, a newly open world announced recently for the end of the year, would do well to draw inspiration from the strengths of this annex version, such as its fluidity or catches in real time. One thing is certain: there will be a front and one after arces legends and it will be very complicated to do as if he had never existed.

_Test directed by Malison on a version provided by the publisher.