Relay has announced the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign for your next game, Bullfighter Neon.

The study settled in Bilbao expects to reach a figure of € 28,000 to finance a curious arcade that honors some classic titles of Neo Geo, but with a very curious and differential touch.

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Because if Soccer Brawl offered a futuristic football image, Bullfighter Neon does something similar with the bulls, but eliminating all the violent and animal abuse. Jon Cortázar, the director of Relay, explained that this is an important detail, and that they have “wanted to separate all violence in the game” making the bullfighters “do not cause harm” to robotic bulls “or” make attacks “. The form To beat will be another: getting the battery run out. A peculiar vision for a game that is ambient in the future “in which Tauromaquia has been abolished and transformed into a very different new show.”

Cortázar adds that “we loved the idea of ​​returning that fashion from the ninety of the futuristic sports games. Almost all sports found their place in that tendency of the 16-bit time, which is almost almost disappeared.” Other elements that denote inspiration at that time are a 4: 3 mode or an aesthetic pixel-art heir of the classics of companies such as SNK or DATA EAST.

Bullfighter Neon will have a campus of six bullfighters, ten mechanical beasts (eight standard and two bosses), four sands, “Care story mode” and different modes of difficulty for all kinds of players. In addition, Chiptune music will be composed of Gryzor87, a musician known for his work in titles such as damn Castilla, Super Hydorah or Battle Princess Madelyn.

You can participate in the Crowdfunding campaign here. According to the Kickstarter page of the project, the launch is scheduled for approximately December of this year, with a secure version for PC (through Steam), but with the open possibility of PORTS for console (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch) Depending on the success of the campaign.