Nintendo has published a demo to Kirby and the forgotten country for the Nintendo Switch. Who wants to get started today! We’ll tell you in advance, what’s all in the demo.

Urgerrass ahead: Kirby’s new adventure awaits you

While Mario will take a little break this year, another Nintendo-Allstar takes over the rudder: The speech is from the pink slab Kirby, who is on 25. March 2022 Opens to explore the title abandoned country on the Nintendo Switch.

Levelhead - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Who wants to get an idea of ​​the game in advance, for the Nintendo now published a small but fine demo in the eShop:

Kirby and the forgotten country: What does the demo offer?

In the about 30-minute demo you can complete the first three levels of Kirby and the abandoned country. Hopping, flies and sucks you with the little hero through all kinds of cute opponents.

Before each level you can choose from two levels of difficulty . But be prepared for any of the two levels of difficulty really demand. Kirby is still a whole lighter than, for example, Super Mario Odyssey.

And so you march like a small mini rambo through the linear levels and even fights a boss. The actual star of the game are the new transformations of Kirby. Thanks to the new full-manual mode , the pink vacuum cleaner can now also absorb whole objects such as a car or a vending machine.

As a result, Kirby gains skills that are not only indispensable for the progress in the level, but also reveal one or the other hidden secret.

For finishing the demo, moreover, beckons a special code , which guarantees you in the full version a few additional items.