WhatsApp is updated on the smartphone more often. This time desktop users benefit.

Dortmund – WhatsApp is not only a popular messenger via app on the smartph1. Even with larger terminals such as notebooks or tablets you can communicate via WhatsApp. As directly * reports, these desktop versions should soon get an update that it does not exist at the app.

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Change in the desktop version: WhatsApp Lets new function

Thus, according to the blog Wabetainfo will soon be possible to react more concrete to individual messages – by emoji. The funny symbols or faces are not basically new via WhatsApp. Users have a number of Emojis, which are also regularly expanded *.

However, you should be able to assign them according to the new update similar to a “Like” on Facebook or Instagram directly to individual messages. Especially in group chat or confusing text curves, this feature can be practical.

Desktop version of WhatsApp: Users can react with Emojis

And this is how the innovation at WhatsApp: If you move the mouse pointer near a message, a button will appear there. These can choose users between six different reactions, ie Emojis. So similar to how it is long standard for postbook, signal or discord.

Also competitor Telegram already uses this feature longer *. However, users can also react directly to the smartphone app directly by Emoji. And at Instagram it has been possible for some time to react directly to Storys directly with a heart. With WhatsApp, users have expected this function according to _CHIP.DE.

WhatsApp: Appearance of new function can take a long time

However, there is also a hook: For WhatsApp, this feature has not yet been announced for Android and iOS versions. Not even in the beta version, where many features of WhatsApp are first tested *, it is available. When users can try the innovation is still unclear. According to CHIP.de, however, it could take some time.

Most recently, WhatsApp has also announced a new search function *. It should bring the users to enormously relief. * directly Int part of the editorial network of the _media.

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