[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Games industry continues to stop the game industry in Russia, while the game industry is continuing in Russia.

According to the 7-day foreign and game industry, Activision Blizzard and Epic Games decided to stop the game sales in Russia. Daniel Alegri Activision (COO) was found that the Russian user would not be able to purchase its games through the release of the open letter on the last 5 days.

Ukraine Invasion: Russian people start to feel the pinch of economic sanctions
Famous Epic Games with Unreal Engine, “I have stopped commerce with Russia,” “I have not yet released a Russian user who has already had a game.” Epic Games is also a popular game ‘Port Knight’ is also a game that is served.

Prior to this, it said that it would not sell its products to Russia, including Electronic Arts (EA), CD Projid Red, Microsoft (MS) and Nintendo. EA has entered the measures to delete the Russian national team in the EA Sports Games family, such as ‘Fifra 22’ and ‘Fifrof Mobile’ and ‘NHL22’.

Cy Projert Red made ‘Southern’, ‘Cyber ​​Punk 2077’, has stopped all the game sales in the Russian and Russian Room Belarus. This includes all sales in offline stores, as well as both digital sales.

Microsoft has also announced that it would stop selling new sales and services of all products, including “Xbox”, “Xbox”, console game equipment in Russia. Nintendo is a state of switching the ‘Nintendo this shop (eshop) to maintenance mode that can buy digitally via websites in Russia.

Meanwhile, Mihail, Fedo Rope Ukraine, deputy prime minister, was officially requested to participate in Russian sanctions to major games and e-sports officials around the world through SNS, including SNS on two days (local time).