EA SPORTS sets another statement against the Russian attack war in Ukraine. After the Publisher Russian teams and players from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA will spread online, the FUT mode follows. Players and jerseys, as well as stadium items of Russian teams and the national team can no longer be obtained via packs. The price margins were also set.

It is deeply shaken over the war, “which spreads at the moment in Ukraine, now turn to the choir of many voices in the world demanding peace and end of invasion,” the publisher makes it clear on its own website and announces on top of that measures for the Russian market.

A sales stop should come into force immediately: “Now we have made the decision to set the sale of our games and content, including virtual monetary networks, in Russia and Belarus.” This should stay that way, as long as the war is more and more. “For this reason, our games and content will no longer be for sale in our Russian Store on Origin or the EA app; this also includes in-game stores.”

Is Gazprom removed from the Schalke jersey in FIFA 22?

The situation is still observed by EA, not only football simulation is no longer available from now on, but also the NHL ice hockey row. Furthermore, EA will also keep “other areas of our games in view” and, if necessary, plan further measures and changes.

Underneath, the jersey of FC Schalke 04 could fall. After cooperation with the main sponsor Gazprom was completed prematurely and the club presented recent jerseys without the logo of the Group, the revision of the FIFA jerseys is still out.

Ukraine asks Xbox and PlayStation to give all of Russia the ban hammer

The removal of the Russian national team and clubs can also be maintained. Already on March 3, EA announced this step – but it was not implemented yet.

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