READ DESCRIPTION: Duo Of Teenagers Force Amtrak 55 Into Emergency, At Amherst, MA

With the first action, Fischer shocked the homeland, which did not seem right after kick-off right after the kick-off: a mistake in the build-up game grabbed the attacker and marked alone with Keeper Popp the 1: 0 for the guests (1.). As a result, a quite rough game developed, which saw two smooth red cards just before the break. Gömmel flew in the home owners for a coarse foul from the field, in which subsequent packing brass, brass blowers could be torn into an opportunity and also had to go (45. + 2). With more space in the field, both teams appeared after re-staffing opportunities, it should stay in a duel on knife cutting edge but long at the scarce guidance. Shortly before the end, AmmerTal’s newer still looked red because of a hard emergency brake red (90. + 3), the Erlanger drove a beautiful counterattack, the Geyer closed from the gate to the 2-0 final score (90. + 5).

With three points in the luggage, the Erlanger drove home, are now pointed with the FC Eintracht Bamberg, which has completed two lots less, with 51 meters. Since the direct comparison goes to the ATSV, the attempt to the moment is due to the sun. On Saturday in the top game at DJK Vilzing, it is now necessary for the ATSV to defend first. The DJK Ammerthal ranks at 6th place after the second defeat in a row, for her at the weekend to Kellerkind Vatan Spor Aschaffenburg.