Publisher’s Rogue Games launched Nintendo Switch version of Nintendo Switch on March 10, “ “. The price is tax included 2310 yen. This work is released for PC and Overseas Nintendo Switch on September 24, 2021, and this time the Nintendo Switch version for domestic is released.

Fisti-Fluffs - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

“Vault Bee Nyanko” is a large scuff game by cats. At the owner’s absence mansion and garden, cats will make full use of cat punches and per person. Circle furniture, etc., and destroy the room while hitting the strongest Nyanko seat.

Multiple types exist as modes. “Brawl” mode or the object that appears on the stage, destroying the power strength and the remaining machine, destroys the object that appears on the stage, and the more damaged cats win “Damage Damage” mode. “Crown control” that the cat that had been covered for a long time as much as possible to make the crown. And there are “catfood defense” which protects the cat food from mouse, raccoon, fox etc. These modes can be enjoyed alone, and a party mode aims to play in random mode from four types of modes and aim to win the defined number victory.

After the dotbata fuss in the match, it would be good to be healed in “Cat Room” mode. Here you can enjoy interaction with the player character cat. Let’s play along with the all-youth cat, such as having a toy throw and get it. It is also possible to change clothes and enjoy fashion. Various fashions, such as backpacks and swasters, are prepared. Besides this, it is also possible to encourage a cats that players customized in the cat room. It is possible to create a favorite cat and create a favorite cat. We welcome your own cat and will be delivered to the match.

A large update is delivered in this work according to the release of Nintendo Switch edition. Actions such as new charge attacks and spin attacks have been added. In addition, a technique such as a ground pound that can be fed out by pressing a button by pressing a button often during the jump. When you press a given button in the shield, the grapple will activate, involve the enemy cat and take advantage of hitting the button.

An element such as an item (fish) that allows flame and ice attacks when picking up. Visual effects such as explosion, fireworks and speed lines are also renewed, and the fight of the cat is drawn more chaotic. Fashion elements were also enhanced and a large number of hats such as cowboy hat, knit hat, ouchka etc. were added. Besides this, various holiday stages are also implemented.

In the Nintendo Switch version of this work, if you have one user, up to 4 people can play up to 4 people. For online matches, implementations in the second half of this year are scheduled. Even in the STEAM version, it can be played against other players using Remote Play Together.

“Vault Bee Nyanko” is on sale for PC (STeam) / Nintendo Switch. The price is 2440 yen for the price, and the Nintendo Switch version is 2310 yen. In the magazine, the detailed play report of this work is also posted here. If you are interested in this work, please check by all means.