When playing old hard games… First of all, we will start with the cleaning of the unit.

Even though I should have been put in the shelf, I’m dusty, and I’m getting dirty and dirty in the controller’s groove…… , my room is not only special dirty right? Everyone feels like that…?

If you have joined Nintendo Switch Online, if you have joined Nintendo Switch Online, if you have a Nintendo Switch Online, “Nintendo Switch Online + Add Pack”, you can also play Nintendo64 and Mega Drive game, so old hardware The opportunity to play retro games decreased. Nevertheless, the Nintendo E-shop virtual console also has a game that can not be played with a Nintendo switch, so 3DS and Wii U will not be released yet.

The end of the Nintendo e-shop service in Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, who was thinking about such a thing, was announced the other day. Nintendo E-Shop Available at August 30, 2012, with Soft, Additional Content, Purchase Certidation, Game Item Item Item Ends in late March 2002!

This is anxiously bought the title and bought fishing…!

So this time, we introduce some of the virtual console titles delivered at the Nintendo E shop of Wii U!

# “MOTHER3” is not too high at the party of the party?

First of all, software for game Boy Advance released from Nintendo in 2006 “MOTHER3” . It is the third work of the masterpiece RPG “MOTHER” series, which was known without saying.

This work consists of all 8 chapters, characterized by chapter that the protagonist changes… but it is written in the wind as you knew, but in fact, I have never played “MOTHER3” in the series. At the time of the release, I was worried about it, but after all I bought it….

Twin brothers and his mother had a good time in my grandfather’s house. And that day to return to our home waiting for my father, an incident happens…… , but I’m the first play, so I’m going to know that there is no reason to know that!

First of all, it is an input of the main character name. The twin brother’s name was decided to “I’m sorry”.

The family name borrowed my friend, a kitten, editorial name. My brother is “Oohara”, Mother “Naga”, Father “Abe-kun” and dog dog are “Tomoko”.

My favorite food was “Hijiki”, and cool was made “Mizuna”. This is also the name of the kitten. By the way, the cat has the name of the food you like.

Women characters have a female friend’s name, but since there were not a female friend, I was sacrificed to editor.

Mother, today’s dinner is hijiki.

From the point of view of the mushroom, it switches to the father “Aben” waiting for the return of the family at home. A fire occurs in the neighborhood forest, and “Aben” goes to the rescue of the villagers who are left behind.

But…… Graphic is horrible, so I can not distinguish the enemy and allies.

It is often good that the battle begins if you get closer to talk to say “ Villager or? “.

The battle is simple in command selective expression. This simpleness of the sister gamer is “ Good thing. This is good! “. The latest open world games with complex systems are also interesting, but there are times when the brain is looking for simplicity.

Oh yeah, I have a system called “sound battle” which can attack continuous attacks when attacking at the time of attack, but there is a system called “sound battle”…


Since the tune changes for each enemy, continuous attacks could not be repeated until you get used to it. In particular, the rhythm of the Slot tempo song is not good enough….

Save talks to frogs on the field, not from the menu screen. It seems that it seems to be inconvenient, but the frog is pretty and therefore it seems that it is not troubled with save spots.

Well, there is a “full backup feature” of Wii U that can be saved at every time Cael-kun is not.

After that, although the villagers were rescued safely, they listen to disturbing news about the family, and again the father’s father to explore. Perhaps again again with the family and turned out the point of view and switched to Oohara. **

It will be a papassic case of “Dorakue 5”. If it is decided so…

Take off your father’s equipment and get naked!

Because I want to enhance the equipment of my sons….

However, I did not switch against the forecast. Furthermore, the main character was not a boy, but the main character was a drobo’s old man….

The main character’s sanity rate, too high!

# From that work guest participation! “Good luck Goemon Gaiden 2”

Next is software for NES for NES.I. 2012 for NES.I. 201. This is also the spin-off of the “Do your best Goemon” series here, Genre is the RPG!

In this work, the Goemon and Ebisan who participated in the “World Dorobo Tournament” to see the winning prize of 100 million, seek the “Tenkai Treasure”, which is said to come true, and the story that adventures all over the world be painted. What I want to mention is where “Devil Castle Dracula” and “Twin Bee” are also appearing! Luxurious!

There are five-storey department stores in the Edo period, such as the world’s view of the age is also interesting point!

I was a boyhood I liked this work from the Action’s “Good luck Goemon” series. I also liked the comicalized version that was serialized by deluxe bonbon. Bundo book or not….

Battle is a simple command type, so I think that you can enjoy without stress even if you play for the first time.

During the battle, pretty characters are likely to get tired, and I’m looking to get tired. However, because the encounter rate is enhanced, it is a bit troublesome….

A plurality of mini-games can be replaced with luxurious prizes. The mini game of “Dongden Tyron” that beats the drums on the street of the model, so it can doubles the hanging on the up to 14 consecutive, so I enjoyed it while I was a kid.

Now…… Boro in Ikasama using the whole backup function.

# Me and a family of families in God! “Sennen family”

Lastly, family observation simulation for game Boy advance released from Nintendo in 2005 “Sennen family” . The player who is an apprentice god is a time to watch a family and sometimes interference, so that its family will continue forever.

If you use the “Calcycle Arrow”, the family is focused at that time. Conversely, you can use the “Otsune Arrow” to lose interest. I will control my family in this way.

If the result may go in a happy direction, it will be unhappy.

In order to flourish the family forever, the love of children who are traces also support. However, if you look at the kid’s position, what kind of feeling will be imitating that a lover will be applied at a sense of sensitive time.

If you try to replace it with yourself…

I want to do it vice versa…!

When I am “Hmmm, I can not help it.”

“MOTHER3” has been released after a chance of changing compatible hardware, and it seems to have had a pros and cons that has been caused by a strong story compared to the previous work, as it was released, and it is difficult to understand. increase. However, I was able to enjoy it without stress, thanks to the fact that “it was another game nearly 15 years,” and some dissatisfaction point and the inconvenience were played and played.

“Good luck Goemon Gaiden 2 Tennother Treasure” and “Sennen Family” are at the time to clear while nostalgic at that time.

Wii U’s Virtual Console is rich in lineup compared to Nintendo Switch Online, and you can play for a long time if you purchase software and install it on the Wii U unit. Besides, the Backup feature of Wii U will help you play.

People who do not possess Wiii will be a retro game dedicated machine to this opportunity and get it in hand?