For six years, Dead by Daylight has been one of the most popular horror games on the market. If you have not tried it, you now have the chance. For a few days you can play the game for free and save with additional contents even neatly.

Dead by Daylight: play completely for free

The Horror Survival game Dead by Daylight has been regularly equipped with new content since the release in 2016 . That makes the game not only more varied, but also ensures a playback value every time.

Developer Behavior Interactive now announces a free weekend. According to the official Facebook account, you are until March 14, 2022 time to test the game on heart and kidneys ** – whether alone or together with friends. (Source: Dead by Daylight)

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In addition to the free trial, you can look forward to digital purchases about fat discounts. Both the basic game as well as with almost all additional content you can save up to 50 percent by 22 March 2022 ** – on all platforms.

  • Dead by Daylight for free on Steam

Dead by Daylight: Now you chase Sadako

The latest extension for Dead by Daylight appeared with “Sadako Rising” on March 8, 2022. The new chapter is based on the novel “Ringu” by Koji Suzukis and its film adaptation .

“Sadako Rising” brings with the Onryō a new killer into the game, but also the survivors can look forward to support with the now adult Yoichi Asakawa **.

According to Behavior Interactive, Sadako offers the possibility of a new approach to the killer. Each exam begins in invisible. If you are near a survivor, it will be briefly visible. To attack, she can manifest himself at will – shock moments are thus preprogrammed .

(Source: press release)

_Im trailer can you make a first impression of sadako rising: _

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