Square Enix reported the currently occurring defect and future update policy for the race game “Chocobo GP” for Nintendo Switch on March 11th.

“Chocobo GP” is a racing game released for Nintendo Switch on March 10th. Arica is in charge of development. It is the latest work of the “Chocobo” series, which is the main character of the “Final Fantasy” series, and the “Chocobo” series is the latest work, and it is a work that can enjoy Hachamechalace while making full use of magic and abilities. Just after the release, users have reported a report of various defects from the user.

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Square enix has the following four points for the main problems of this work currently confirmed.

· A defect at the time of purchase of items by application version difference.
· When matching, some players do not go to Ready state and do not advance to races.
· A defect that does not match the start timing of the race.
· A bug that the race does not end properly, such as a result that is not satisfied with the specified number of times.

Every report was scattered on SNS, but in particular, we have attracted attention to the surreal Say.

The company is in progressing with the cause of these problems. As soon as I want to update as soon as possible, I mentioned the idea of ​​rushing to improve, but now the specific schedule is not shown. I want you to wait for the follow-up.

In addition, in response to the case where there is a case where there is a case that can not be normal due to such a defect, the following correspondence is performed on March 11th.

· Large alleviation of scores required for prize level up.
· Distributing 500 misher to everyone as an apology that can not play the Chocobo GP mode successfully.

Misril is a so-called domestic money. This work has an operated game aspect. A slightly special response is taken to apologize in the inside of the game while the impact or sold out game. Also, this work will switch the season every two months and will be able to implement updates each time. The main contents of the scheduled update include the following four.

** · Add new character (each season 2 characters).
· Add new course (additional courses available to all players).

· Adding a new costume such as a Mislyl sales product (also planned to be added during the season).
· Game balance adjustment and function renovation (necessary correction is performed at any time). **

Preducer Okayama Hiromi, who works as soon as possible, and commented that the development team will be compatible as soon as possible. In addition, it is also revealed that it is a new basic policy to establish an environment that is easy to obtain additional characters by purchasing the product version. By responding to the above-mentioned prize level up, it is especially susceptible to level 100, and the new character cloud is also easy to obtain.

He also mentions that he has many opinions on how to provide additional DLCs. He sincerely accepts such opinions and to provide an update that can be satisfied with the purchaser. It is as to consider partial restriction cancellation in the free “Chocobo GP Lite”.

“Chocobo GP” is on sale for Nintendo Switch.