On Saturday, the teenager from the Skizunft Römerstein with Guide Florian Baumann had 39.5 seconds ahead of the Chinese Yue Wang and hopped at the finish with both skis in the air. Kazmaier is the second-year-old athlete of the entire Games in Beijing.

“It feels totally crass. And quite unreal too,” Kazmaier said. That the fifth medal was even the Golden, be “unbelievable. That makes me happy. But I’m so young, I still have so much time. It would not be a leg break if I had not brought a gold.” In addition, the 15-year-old thought of her parents with whom she talked about ARD turning shortly after victory: “This will be a very hard night for you. They had to get up at four o’clock to see the race. And now will certainly celebrated a long time. “

Her three years of older roommen Leonie Walter, who had won gold over the biathlon middle distance and three times bronze in China, was not at the start on Saturday. The third German, Johanna Recktenwald from St. Wendel, finished five.

Christopher Grotheer gewinnt Gold für Deutschland im Herren-Skeleton | Olympische Winterspiele 2022

Although the 20-year-old, unlike the two younger colleagues, missed twice as a fourth and three times as fifth short medals, she was satisfied. “It was a blatant experience, cool games. It was the first, hopefully many come,” said Saarlander, who was only six years ago for the first time on cross-country skis. “I’ve been hoping from time to time, maybe there’s something,” she said about her medal hopes: “But after such a short time I make the sport, I am very satisfied.”