While you stripes through the lands ELDENRING, you will find the opportunity not only to loot the wide landscapes, but also to move in past times and conquer castles. On their way through these towering landmarks, they will encounter objects that can only be used in them and who may grant them Runes and items that can help them on their way.

One of these elements, the rusty keys, can be found within the castle storm veil walls, and they may be scratching at the head and try to find out what his true use is and what it is useful for them. Well, in our guide we will give you the details of where you find it as you use it and what it unlocks in this big castle for you.

ELDEN RING – RUSTY KEY Use Castle in Stormveil

After you have entered the castle, you want to explore the interior and earn a little more Runes by turning off the enemies that stop inside the castle walls. The majority of guards here is weak, so it will help you to achieve a few extra kills to prepare for what is in front of you.

After their exploration has lost their fun, head towards the southernmost part of the castle, close to the backgoing entrance, the goalkeeper Gostoc suggests that they find after defeating Margit the evil omen * * And find a room with a luminous body in what signals that there is an item you can do from you. This article is the rusty keys , which will be used soon. While exploring the castle further, you will encounter a locked door that leads to the castle Walls and another place of grace ** to add you to your growing collection.

Especially with the later challenges that expect you to enter the castle, the more places of grace you can find, the better. You can visit these pages again at any time and spend their hard-deserved runes here to improve or change their clothes. They are commissioned with their first big challenge in this tower. So if you take the time to prepare yourself, it will be much easier for you in the long run.

Where To Use The Rusty Key - Stormveil Castle - Elden Ring

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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