In Elden Ring, players receive a memory that is currently being defeated in the countries, which can be wondered in the countries, which can then be exchanged for a reward. But did you know that you can actually duplicate your memories by visiting a walking mausoleum? Against this background and to help those who are currently dreaming of receiving all remembrance rewards in the game, find out where they find all walking mausoleums and how they can duplicate Remembrances in Elden Ring.

Where to find the changing mouse colors

A total of seven walking mausoleums can be found up to date in the Elden Ring, so you will find one on the Weeping Peninsula, west of the Minor Erdtree located there, three on Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Site of Grace, two on the mountain peak of the Giant, east or west of Ordina, and one in the northeastern part of the Deepepoot Depths area. You can read the exact location as well as the journey to each of the above-mentioned hiking mouseoleum here.

So duplicate memories in Elden Ring

After you have reached one of the walking mausoleums over which you are currently wondering in elden ring, you can do this duplicate your memories by beating first on the shiny skull-shaped structures at the bottom of their legs, around the changing mausoleum drop. Remember to be on torrent, because just like all other creatures in Elden Ring, the walking mausoleums are able to help and kill them if they have the chance.

As soon as the walking mausoleum falls, just open the door on its back and interact with the altar to select your desired reminder to duplicate it. In memory of. So you duplicate a reminder in Elden Ring:

  • Go to a changing mausoleum.
  • Destroy the shiny skull-shaped structures on the legs of changing mausoleum.
  • Enter through the door.
  • Interact with the body on the altar to duplicate your memories.

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  • This article was updated on March 13 2022

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