The next game for Nintendos online service is known. From Friday, thanks to F-Zero X, it goes really fast to the point.

Nintendo has revealed the next Nintendo-64 game, which will find its way to the Service Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. After a few weeks ago the classic The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was added, racing game fans are welcome. From Friday, March 11, you can heat up in F-Zero X together with Captain Falcon and Co in peil-fast races over futuristic slopes.

F-Zero X Trailer - Nintendo 64 - Nintendo Switch Online

The version for the Nintendo Switch, as well as numerous other games of this service, will provide an online multiplayer for up to four players. In addition, SplitsCreen mode is also supported when gaming online gaming. F-ZERO X will be the first part of the brand in which online race will be possible. There are also some technical improvements such as a higher resolution and stable frame rate.

Nintendo could have been able to continue with this racing game and the additional contents for F-ZERO X, which existed in conjunction with the 64DD exclusively in Japan can be installed directly. Then there were not only two more cups, you would have been able to create your own cups as well as to adapt the vehicles and plan them yourself.