The next Nintendo 64 game for Nintendo Switch Online comes earlier than expected. Only two weeks ago was Nintendo with Zelda: Majora’s Mask and this week already new retro food appears: F-Zero X.

When is it going? Anyone who has the fee-based expansion pass to Nintendos also chargeable online subscription can be F-Zero X from Friday, the 11. March 2022 , gambling on the switch. That announced Nintendo Via Twitter.

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Online race: The publication does not provide any new content (for example from the 64 DD version never released in this country), but you can duel you online. Up to four people can clamp in F-Zero X on the switch behind wheel and race against each other.

That’s why F-Zero X is one of the best racing games on the N64

The fastest N64 game: At first glance, F-Zero X does not look a lot, because the graphic is very minimalist, and the backgrounds are mostly monochrome and little detailed. But that has a good reason, because the title offers more Speed ​​than any other on the Nintendo 64. Since the console is not known for a stable frame rate, Nintendo had to save on another corner. For this you expect speeds of over 1,000 km / h.

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The best F-Zero? F-Zero is one of these series of Nintendo, which has hardly received attention in recent years. With F-Zero GX, the last drop in 2003 for the GameCube appeared. For many, this is the best series part, as it includes a great look and a cool story mode next to the high speed.

F-ZERO X focuses on the essentials: As far as the pure action is concerned during the race, for me F-Zero X has the bumper but front. The main reason for this is that you can quite easily remove your rivals from the route. It’s just scary fun, in which tumbled with 30 flitzers, select and turn off the next place in the dot ranking.

More about why F-Zero is so grandiose, you will learn here:

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  • Zelda: Majora’s Mask From today about Nintendo Switch online playable
  • Nintendo Switch Online: Banjo-Kazooie can play this week in the service
  • Switch online extension gets first new N64 game and it is an RPG classic

Two retro-rpgs was last

The NES and SNES apps, all of which can use with a subscription at Nintendo Switch online, get rarely gain growth. The latest additions, however, have it. For the Super Nintendo Emulator, Nintendo Earthbound has released, which then classic role-playing games like Final Fantasy took on the shippets and has since developed into a cult-hit. With Earthbound startings you can also experience yourself how the series on the NES started starting.

Do you want a few round f-zero x?