Redout 2 Gameplay Overview Trailer
Announced in December 2021, Redout 2 had not redone him since. It is now done with this new video that the 34bigthings developers have published, history of giving us a great preview of the gameplay and the crazy speed of this game of races that reminds F-Zero and Wipeout. Since the two licenses have disappeared from the videoludic landscape for several years, or even decades for the Nintendo series, it would be a shame not to place yourself as worthy heir. Like the first episode released in 2016, we will chain the driving races of futuristic gear that move at a crazy speed. On the content side, it is announced that this Redout 2 will propose 36 circuits at launch, knowing that it will all be playable in mirror mode, which will double the number of possibilities. The trailer also announces us 6 game modes, including a complete solo mode that promises strong sensations. Of course, players who prefer to socibilize will be able to compete online, up to 12 players on all platforms, except the Nintendo Switch which has 6 participants in total. The customization of vehicles will also be used, with no less than 6 different chassis and a ton of possibilities to make your machine a unique model. Finally, like Wipeout, the Italian studio 34Bigthings knows that music has an important part in a game like its own, and it is announced a partnership with producer Giorgio Moroder, who appealed artists like Zardonic and Dance with The Dead.

The output of Redout II is expected for 2022 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch.