Indie Leveloper’s NussyGame announced that the release of Dungeon RPG “ Buriedbornes2 ” for PC / Android / iOS planned in the fall of 2022 is undecided.

According to notification, one of the postponed backgrounds seem to have the end of the game back-end service “services”. This service is a platform that can use account management and game results, etc. In 2017, the transition to the company’s planned service announced by Amazon. As a result, it was notified that the old service ended in September 2022, but NussyGame claims that “the information of the subsequent service is still released until now.”

This matter also reported that Amazon’s explanation has been discontinued from the end of last year. At the “services” official site, “7 days to Die” and “Mini Metro” are described as this service use title, and there are concerns that affect the PC game industry in the future.

In addition, “Buriedbornes2” is a “family’s circumstances”, and it is said that “Release that combines the quality of service that you can satisfy and enjoy service maintenance is difficult.” In addition, NussyGame such as “B100X-Auto Dungeon RPG” is also provided on the Notification Page.