Indie Leveloper Winters Group Estate officially announced his life shim “ Moonlight in Garland ” on March 15th. The compatible platform is PC (STeam) and the 2022 Q4 release scheduled.

“Moonlight in Garland” is a life simulation game that enjoys new life. The stage of this work is a big city Garland where various people live. As a protagonist, the player will decide free clothes, etc. and will be a new resident of the city and send a new life. In addition to the exchange of local residents NPCs and participation in regional events and plans, it seems that you can taste the connection with people through various events that occur in daily activities. There is also an element that produces the desired living space by gardening and building upgrades.

Interaction with people seems to be a gameplay axis of this work. In addition to conversations, players will deepen their relationships with neighborhood and residents of the city through regional contributions such as a little help and cleaning doodle. If you can get along as a friend, sometimes it will be developed to a love club. Also, there are several available apartments, and it is likely to have unique challenges and events in each apartment. There are events that occur if the connection with people deepens, etc.

There is also an element that explores the big city Garland. Side quests are also scattered in the city, and you can shoot photos of animals. Sometimes it may be possible to handle serious events such as “demolition of historical buildings” and “thieves to steal mail”. And in this work, a system has been introduced in the game, and the main character must be cared for the mental and physical energy of the main character. It will spin the story in the choice of what new life.

Winters Group Estate, which works on “Moonlight in Garland”, is a personal studio by Violet Lebeaux. She is based in Australia and is developing development as a solo project for this work. Looking at the YouTube channel of him, many videos have been posted to be a cute one, such as handicraft and beauty. The colorful and cute pixel graphics of this work may also be a result of Lebeaux’s world view.

“Moonlight in Garland” is scheduled for 2022 Q4 release for PC (STeam).