Nintendo started delivery of the first edition of the paid additional content “course additional path” of “Mario Cart 8 Deluxe” on March 18. A little balance adjustment seems to be implemented according to the addition of new content.

This time, I REALLY got the Booster Course Pass in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe EARLY!!

There are 8 courses added this time. In the powerful cup, Tour Paris Promenade, 3DS Kinopio Circuit and N64 Chocoma Uoon Ten Wii Coconut Mall appeared. At the Neco Cup, Tour Tokyo Clamped DS Kinoko Ridgeway Way GBA Sky Garden Tour Nintendogo has been added. The popular courses of past works were implemented newly implemented.

Course addition is planned to the sixth installed and delivered by the end of 2023. If you purchase a 2500 yen course additional path or join “Nintendo Switch Online + Add Pack”, you can enjoy them. In addition, if the members who play together with the local / online match have their content, they have a specification that you can access new courses without buying / joining. The new course is elected in the Internet match that it will be after March 22nd.

And according to the patch notes published this time, it seems that balance adjustment and bug fixes are also implemented according to additional content delivery. Bug fixes have corrected an issue where communication errors may occur when they match 12 people in the Internet match. On the balance adjustment surface, it is written that “the item box has been taken to someone and then shorter the time to restart”.

The item box is installed in the course. It is possible to obtain items by contacting. When another player gets, the item box disappears for a while and has the property of being resurrected over time. Item boxes are very important, so there is also a bargain that spends over and revive. It is said that the resurrection time was shortened.

How much did you actually be shortened? The RTA runner THETA_K verifies the time taken for revival on version 1.7.2 and Ver 2.0.0. So far, it has been resurrected in about 1 second, but reported that it has come to revive about 0.85 seconds by update. When the magazine was also verified, there was a slight error due to the difference in measurement method, but the same result was confirmed. It is only 0.15 seconds, but this time is very important for “Mario Cart 8 Deluxe” unfolded for high-speed battle. It is easier to get the item and will be able to further chaos in the course.

When content is delivered until the end of 2023, there is a possibility that some adjustments may be made in the balance side. “Mario Cart 8 Deluxe” is on sale for Nintendo Switch. You can enjoy the new course by purchasing “Course Add Pass” of 2500 yen or “Nintendo Switch Online + Add Pack”.