Although we expected to receive an exact launch date, we will have to settle for knowing that Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy will be launched in November or December 2022 for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC systems. After carrying out an impressive presentation in which the new Portkey Games team showed an overwhelming content, a sign that aimed at the next Christmas for the launch that has been shown as a videogame Ambitious who aspires to honor the fantasy universe of the franchise.

Hogwarts Legacy wants to be much more than Harry Potter

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Footage REVEALED (+Release Date and FAQ) - Villain REVEALED!
Accustomed to unamvicious titles when it comes to adapt franchises, Hogwarts Legacy has surprised us showing a number of overwhelming options with which we will live a total experience at the Academy of Magic. We will arrive at the Academy of Magic before the facts in which J.K novels are set. Rowling and even those that take place in fantastic animals to start with spell potion classes to fight against what seems like a mysterious and problematic Goblin conspiracy.

In addition to showing some scraps of its history, the State of Play in which the first details of the launch of Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy have also been revealed to us also a fairly interesting combat system or endless spells. Between this list of arts, the appearance has even been cast Avada Kedabra , a forbidden spell that you can leave “ permaneado” of the school. There have also been details about the crafteo or the universe that we will find throughout the seven courses in which we will learn to master the hidden arts.

More than inviting to think about a problematic development, Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy seems to have been delayed because of an excessive ambition. Of course, the playable variety and work to adapt the franchise has not been reflected in a pointer graphic. A small bitter note to the feast of magic that does not love fans, who will have to add to novels and movies a videogame with spectacular pint that we only asked him to be up to everything he has shown us in his presentation.