Update 18/3/22: It is not only Returnal that receives the treatment of vinyl. Milan Records announced that two other PlayStation titles would also come out their soundtracks on disk – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Ghost of Tsushima (Iki Island and Legends).

There is no date given in the official announcement, but as below, we know that the return est is planned for an exit in June, we expect a similar calendar for others.

Original story: Returnal soundtrack is something that passes under the radar, but it really gives the tone to the incredibly good game. There are brilliant crescendos where music wonderfully meets the gameplay. Fortunately, the OST is available about just about all music streaming services, but if you are a mega fan, you might be interested in owning a physical copy.

Returnal - Hyperion Theme
Yes, the original band should receive a vinyl exit in the near future, and the pre-orders are in progress right now – although only via Amazon Us now. The album is delivered via Milan Records, a small company specializing in the vinyl exit of anime sound and video games. He also knows how to make pockets – we love this returnal illustration for the vinyl pouch.

The yellow-green disc comprises the nine tracks on both sides and its release is scheduled for July 15th. Will you catch this returnal record for your collection? Are you a vinyl fan? Put it loop in the comments section below.