Tunic celebrated on March 16, 2022 his premiere and landed directly in the Xbox Game Pass . The action adventure looks like the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch. Can we possibly play the brave fox soon on the handheld console? Or maybe even on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5? You will learn in this guide:

  • Why Tunic would be perfect for the switch
  • Whether and when a release for the handheld or Sony console is planned

Tunic: The perfect game for the Nintendo Switch

You love The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but can not resist some soulslike elements? Then Tunic could be done for you. In the isometric action adventure, you control the title fox, which takes you on the adventure of his life. Explore the world, collects items, solves puzzle and fight against big beasts , who want to make life difficult for you.

And that’s exactly why Tunic is done for the Nintendo Switch . Increases whenever you want and pauses after lust and mood. From the presentation and gameplay it reminds a little at Death’s Door – and that’s what is now available for the Nintendo Switch and even the Sony consoles PS4 and PS5.

Does Tunic come for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 or PS5?

Currently, TUNIC is still a inter-exclusive game for the PC and the Xbox consoles – similar to the Indie-Hit Death’s Door to release. However, it is still unclear how long this exclusivity persists. Tunic developer Andrew Shouldice has not yet been expressed in this regard.

But Tunic has an impressive metacritic score with 87 points and also on Steam a “very positive” evaluation. So enough reasons that the bold fox will also be available for the Nintendo Switch ** or even the PlayStation consoles after the Microsoft Exclusivity. That’s exactly how it has ran the Death’s Door already mentioned several times, which has also appeared for the Sony Console and the Nintendo Switch for the Sony Console and the Nintendo Switch.

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