Most of the players of League of Legends seeks the easiest way to upload ranges in qualifying games and there are very simple methods to achieve it. It is true that there is no infallible recipe to increase the mmr , but using proven efficiency champions is a good way to make the way simpler. However, there are many cases in which part of the community is not even aware of what the most efficient characters are. For example, there will be many surprised after knowing that Tahm Kench in the shooter position is the strongest hero of the game .

Tahm Kench trap to be the best champion

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Regulatory players to the League of Legends competition will not have trouble detecting why Tahm Kench has become the most powerful champion in the shooter position. However, the explanation is very simple. When playing In combination with a Senna Support, it reaches victoria rates capable of exceeding 60% in the highest ranges of the game. This is thanks to a strategy that allows Tahm Kench to accumulate a lot of gold and objects by making the team as a whole much more threatening than the traditional ADC and support compositions, at least in the ranked.

According to the statistical records, there is not a single confrontation that is attracted to the champion when he is accompanied by Senna . The role of Tahm Kench will be to give him the last blow to the subjects and get gold while he tries to keep redeeming alive. Thanks to this, the online companion of him is capable of getting a number of souls much higher than usual. With these he minimizes the effect that causes the lack of gold and remains as a great threat as the game progresses. Even in the professional game it is quite effective, but in Soloq it is simply devastating combo.

The problem of this combination will be the first games and the need to find an adventure partner who wants to use this strategy to upload divisions. However, once you are overcome we will be before one of the most effective methods to inflate our range in the end of season 12. It is true that there is still time before the next great end of League of Legends, but as soon as we reach our Objective soon we can start playing with the relaxation that it gives to know that we have already fulfilled our expectations.

In case you finally encourage you to carry out this combination of Tahm Kench and Senna, you must also bear in mind that Riot Games has raised the possibility of eliminating the classification items as a couple of the main tail to relegate them to flexible mode. The developers have not yet made a firm decision, but it seems a change more than possible. An additional reason to rushing with a coworkering partner to show our rivals why Tahm Kench can become the best League of Legends champion.